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Share Croping During The Reconstruction Period

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Mollie Gutridge

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Share Croping During The Reconstruction Period

Share Croping During The Reconstruction Period . the white men didnt like the black men because racism was still very strong. Question 4. What was the white mans attitude towards the black man? Black farmers were the ones responsible for the materials needed for cropping, usually cotton. When accounting time came, the black farmers were always a few dollars short of what they had owed the land owner, so they invariably began each year with a deficit. As that those deficit grew, they would have found it impossible to escape from their situation by legal mean. The hard back breaking work physically and mentally destroyed black people. Their lives were an endless round of poor diet , fickle weather , and the unbeatable figures at the company store. Those with curage escaped under cover of darkness to the north, that fabled land of opportunity Question 2 - What were the negatives outcomes of your topic, how did it effeect newly freed blackman ? the blacks resented the white men they were rich and well like and they didnt have too work as hard whites had everything just because the color of their skin and the blacks hated that they believe life was unfair . 3. How did the blackman feel towards the white men Question 1. Define Share Cropping A share cropping arrangement is an agrain contract between a land lord and a tenant in which the tenant pays a fraction of the land lord in exchange for the right to exploit the land lords plot of land.
Share cropping started in the 1860's and didnt end till the mid twenthieth century.
During the reconstruction period the south had been devastated by war,planters had ample land but little moneyfor wages or taxes. At the same time,most of the former slaves had labor but no money and no land;they rejected the king of gang labor that typified slavery. The solution was the share cropping system focused o cotton,which was the only crop that could generrate cash for croppers,land owners,merchants,and tax collectors. Poor white men who previously had done little cotton farming needed cash aswell and became share croppers . Question 5. Anything POSOTIVE about share cropping. Some posotives about share cropping were:
There were costs for both the owners and tenants.
Encourages the cropper to remain on the land throughout the harvest season.
Tenants benifit from larger harvests.
Each black family had their own cabin and prepared its own land as a seperate unit.
Different agreements could be made through bargaining or purchasing for better deals and more profit.
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