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7th Grade - 1-pt, 2-pt

Mrs. Phillips

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Perspective

Horizon Line - represent the viewer's eye level; the line where the land or sea appears to meet the sky
You can see the top of objects below the horizon line
You can see the bottom of objects above the horizon line
Vanishing Point - the point on the horizon line to which all orthogonal lines recede
There is 1 vanishing point in one-point perspective
Orthogonal Lines - lines that converge at the vanishing point
Lines that connect the edges of object to the vanish point
Parallel lines - two lines that are side-by-side and never touch, they go in the same direction
What is perspective?
Showing the illusion of depth on a 2-D surface

Project Criteria
3 boxes above hl
3 boxes below hl
2 boxes at hl
Shading to show 3 values
3 areas of overlapping
8 different colors
What is the horizon line?
What is the vanishing point?
What is value?shading?
Value - the range of lights and darks in an image

Shading - the technique used to show light medium an dark values in an artwork
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