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Venn Diagram

No description

Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Venn Diagram

Luke's Venn Diagram
Sir Edmund Barton
Sir Henry Parkes
Both were important politicians in the NSW parliament.
He was Prime Minister of Australia.
Both the men gave speeches about the the benefits of Australian Federation. The idea of federation wasn't very popular until Parkes, Barton, and a few other politicians gave persuasive speeches about how good it would be.
Barton supported Parkes's speeches .
Parkes saw Barton as the opposition and a rival.
Barton lived to see that his work towards federation had paid off.
Barton was born in Australia
Parkes was from England
In 1889, Edmund said that he supported the ideas about federation that Henry Parkes shared at Tenterfield
Barton attended lots of the conferences and conversations throughout the 1890's and he also helped bring in new laws through the NSW government
When federation finally came about in Australia, Barton was appointed the first Prime Minister.
He later resigned as Prime Minister in 1903.
Sadly, Edmund Barton died in 1920.
Barton was born in Sydney in 1849
Barton later worked as a lawyer until he became a member of the New South Wales parliament in 1879
In 1858, Henry became a member of the New South Wales parliament. He was elected premier of the colony 5 times
In 1889, Parkes gave a passionate speech at Tenterfield, he said "surely what the Americans have done by war, the Australians could bring about in peace"
He helped organize the conventions and conferences that drafted the Constitution. Sadly, Sir Henry Parkes died in 1869
In 1815, Henry Parkes was born in England
He migrated to New South Wales in 1839. He became interested in political activity and one of his first interests was to stop the transportation of convicts from Britain
Sir Edmund Barton Timeline
In 1900, Barton spent time in London, waiting for British parliament to help federate Australia
Sir Henry Parkes Timeline
Parkes was elected premier of the colony 5 times
Both of the men attended and helped organize conferences and conversations for the Constitution.
He helped introduce new laws that improved hospitals and prisons and the lives of farmers
Both were known as "Fathers of Federation"
The town Parkes in New South Wales was named after him, and he appeared on postage stamps.
when he resigned as prime minister, he was one of the first High Court judges.
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