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Freak the Mighty

No description

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty
Plot summary
The protagonist in this book are Maxwell (Mighty) ,Kevin (Freak) grim,gram, Iggy and Loretta lee
The antagonist in this book are Kevin's sickness, Tony D. and killer Kane and these people and sickness are the antagonist because the sickness kills Kevin and Tony D. tries to kill Freak the Mighty and killer Kane is one because he kidnapped max.
Figurative Language
Hyperbole-''Cat got your tongue, kid. What is this a Siamese twin act''. page 66
Personification-''The snowman keeps saying cool, cool." page 98
Simile-" Gram is uneasy i can see her flitting her eyes nervously around the room like she is crossing the boarder into a foreign country." page 22-23
Metaphor- "The very idea strikes fear into her heart." page 88
By Todd

Freak the mighty is about two kid's who first meet in day care, one's name is Maxwell and the other kid's name is Kevin. One day in 8Th grade they meet again and Freak (Kevin) and Mighty (Maxwell) friendship began again in Kevin's back yard.After the forth of July they become Freak the Mighty.
Killer Kane
The Fair Gwen
characters,setting and time period
indirect characterization
Direct characterization

''I catch a glimpse of this of this yellowed-haired kid scowling at me from one of those cripple vans''.(on page 3)I picked this quote because the author describes this kid as mean.
''Sometimes we're nine feet tall, and strong enough to walk through walls. Sometimes we fight gangs. Sometimes we find treasure. Sometimes we slay dragons and drink from the holy Grail!''(on page 78)I picked this quote this because the author describes Freak the Mighty as strong tall and brave.
''Freak, his chest all puffed out and his chin looks hard and he's looking right up at Tony., and he says, ''Got any what?''(on page 30)I picked this quote because the author describes Freak (Kevin) as brave,strong and not afraid of any thing at all!
the climax for Freak the Mighty was when max got kidnapped from killer Kane and killer Kane tied max up and didn't let him go because he thought that max would run away and tell the cop's on him
Falling action and Resolution
the time period in the book is in the 2000.
The setting in the book is in the first day of July.
Time period
The falling action stared wright when max got kidnapped by killer Kane and was in the old burned down building with "enough cops out side they could start a war", and then killer Kane gets arrested for kidnapping and when he goes to court and gets extra time added to his sentence.
The resolution of this story is first when max goes crazy running through the hospital breaking through the glass doors crying and he finally gets stopped by like five cops.The second one is with the Fair Gwen wright when she sees max she gives him a big wet hug because shes been crying and then after awhile the Fair Gwen leaves with out freak because hes dead.
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