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BlackBoard Messaging

An edge in an ever changing market

Ben Saksa

on 9 December 2009

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Transcript of BlackBoard Messaging

BlackBoard Messaging An edge in an ever changing market Strategic Focus Provide instant and effective communication between students and teachers Marketing Objectives Positioning Promote blackboard and position it as a leader in its market segment Achieving organizational synergy by increasing customer value through improving our product features and quality Market Summary SWAT ANALYSIS Demographics All Colleges and Universities Market Needs Communication and Organization tool Market Trends Connectivity in a fast paced world Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Elminate missed assignments Keep students more organized Instructors Frustration Stay market leader and expand market share Ecollege.com and Jenzabar Inc.
Program glitches will cause loss in market share with competitors having an improved product
Mission Market Product Focus Target Market college administrators, students, and professors Research 85.4% Miami Instructors registered survey 72% people 17-24 have text messaging
capability Marking Mix Product Price Promotion Place QFIST MODEL Will grant selected prestigious university’s free service, In return, we ask the selected universities to give us feedback and allow us to print their name
Direct channeling Interview Increase of 25 cents per user Financials Costs Potential Revenue Programming: 50 hours at $60.00 = $3,000
Testing: 50 hours at $50.00 = $2,500
Total: $5,000
1 of 8 higher education students (1.99 mil)
Miami Pays $185,000 for licensing fee
$9.25 per user
Raise user licensing by $.25 per user or 2.7%
As of 2008
Revenue = $312,134,000
Net Income= $2,280,000

2.7% increase in Revenue = $496,875
19.3% increase in NI = $94,406
Implementation Professors Voluntary Delayed timers Learning Tutorials Presented by: Ben Saksa, Tom O'donnell, Dan Duleavy, Pat Tiesling
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