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Demographic and Psychographic of Michael

No description

buzz aldren

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Demographic and Psychographic of Michael

Michael Gressel Demographic Age: 23 years old
Occupation: Diesel Mechanic for a Ford Dealership
Marital Status: Single
Highest Level of Education: 2 year associates degree and Mechanic Certification, currently working on his master certification for his job at Ford
Income Range: $30-35 thousand
Family Size: Single Male
Siblings: Three brothers, one half brother, and two stepbrothers
Previous House Ttype: Rental House
Previous Location: Queen Creek, Population – 26,500 people
Current House Ttype: Three bedroom, Two bath, slightly larger than average
Current Location: Queen Creek
Distance from wWork: Approximately 20 miles
Family Llife Ccycle Sstage: Bachelor
Jon Arnett Demographic 23 year old male, lives with wife and baby son
Bought home in Gilbert, AZ
3 bed, 2 bath, 1600 sq ft
Habilitator for Lauren’s Institute for Education
Life Family Cycle: Nest Stage 1
Education: Some College – IT Degree
Income: $50,000 (combined)
Psychographic Warner’s I.S.C. Index – Indeterminate: either upper-middle
or lower-middle class
VALS Type- Striver/ Experiencer Activities, Interests and Opinions Works on Cars Enjoys Outdoor Camping Likes Watching Movies Attends Concerts Shops at Fry's Best Buy
and Tilly's Could be more involved with Family Lives Alone Does not play or watch sports Not involved in community, groups,
clubs or other organizations
Watches Channel 3 news Enjoys cooking for Friends
and Family Watches Do it Yourself Home
Improvement Channels Reads Car Magazines like
Diesel Car magazine Listens to Rock Radio
Stations like 98 KUPD Does not follow Politics Independent Party Affiliation Did Not Vote in Last Election Claims Not to be Brand Loyal Used to be Loyal to Chevy but
Switched to Ford Because of His Job Sees Himself Staying in the Same House
for 5-10 Years Believes He Has Some Latino
Background But no Family Traditions Believes U.S. will come out of
Recession in About 5 Years Decision Making Process Need Recognition Was Renting House with Friends
but He Decided it was a waste of money Considered Apartment However cost
Was too high He Decided a House was the Best
Option for his money Search First Time Buyer, No previous Knowledge
Relied on External Searching Approached Friend's Mother who is a
Real estate agent Met with a Broker to Assess His Credit and
Decide on a budget
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