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Socorro C. Ramos

No description

ice stipona

on 24 August 2013

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Transcript of Socorro C. Ramos

Socorro C. Ramos
Early Years

Birth date: September 23, 1923
Birth place: Sta. Cruz, Laguna
Parents: Jose and Emilio Cancio
Socorro is 1 of 6 children
born to entrepreneur parents and grandmother
Moved to Manila when retail merchandise
business in Laguna went down
Father died at the age of 10

The Young Entrepreneur
Did summer jobs, 1 time was hired to peel off the paper used in old cigarettes so that it can be reuse to make new fresh cigarette sticks.
She received 5 centavos per pack of cigarettes. But the young Socorro started her entrepreneurial skills and hired kids and their neighborhood paying them 5 centavos for every two pack of cigarettes leveraging her efforts.
Since then, the young Socorro was on her way to become an entrepreneur as early as 10 years old!
Step 3
Success Story behind
National Bookstore

A Report by Joana Luz R. De Leon
Nanay Coring
or Maria Socorro Cancio
The Young Entrepreneur
An honor student at Grade 7
During the war by age 12-13 sell panocha (candied brown sugar made by her grandmother) in the market together with her sister works during summer vacations to buy school supplies
studied in a public school: Arellano High School
1 summer worked for American Sweets wrapping bubble gum was paid min wage of 50 cents (the exchange rate at that time was P2 to US $1), a kilo of pork was 45 centavos
The Young Entrepreneur
wants to take up medicine but doesn't have money
worked as a sales clerk at Goodwill Bookstore, which was owned by elder brother Manuel Cancio and his wife (Doña Juana Cancio)
met her husband Jose Ramos, eloped and married early despite parents disapproval as she was too young at age 18.
Socorro and Jose Ramos put up their very own National Bookstore.
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