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Answers the Questions: 1. What are the causes and cures of malaria? 2. How does malaria affect people all around the world? 3. What specific areas/countries/continents are mostly affected by this disease? Why? 4. How can this be prevented?

Stephanie Burd

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Malaria

Malaria Causes Malaria is transmitted through mosquito bites. Symptoms Symptoms include: Chills Profuse Sweating Headaches Treatments There is currently no vaccine approved for human use High Fever Nausea and Vomitting Treatments depend on your situation; which type of malaria you have, the severity of your symptoms, your age, etc. Malaria is transmitted when a mosquito bites an infected person, then bites an uninfected person. NOTICE: The following presentation contains copyrighted materials used under the Multimedia Guidelines and Fair Use exemptions of U.S. Copyright law. Further use is prohibited.

Malaria Endemic http://facts.kff.org/chart.aspx?ch=875
Malaria is abundant in parts of.... South America Africa India Indonesia China Russia And other parts of the Middle East Phillipines Stages Stage 1: An uninfected mosquito becomes infected from biting a person who has malaria Stage 2: An infected mosquito bites an uninfected person and the parasite is transmitted Stage 3: The parasites travel to your liver and can hide for up to a year. Stage 4: The parasites then travel to your blood stream where they take over your red blood cells. This is the stage where most patients start showing symptoms. In what living conditions does malaria seem to fester? Malaria occurs where mosquitos are not under control, such as poverty-stricken countries without the same amount of pest control. Mosquitos breed in all kinds of water; salty, fresh, polluted, clean, standing or slow moving. Mosquitos like to live in marshes, storm water ponds, woodland pools, extensive salt marshes, dredge spoil, places where there is rice farming, and any standing water. But really, mosquitos can live anywhere. Judging by the areas where malaria is a risk, Malaria seems to live in tropical and subtropical areas. What improvements could be made to reduce the rate of malaria infections? Some basic ways to prevent malaria include: Getting mosquito nets Mosquito nets keep the mosquitos out, therefore decreasing the chance of getting malaria. To lower the risk even more, you can spray the net with permithrin, a spray that repels mosquitos. Cleaning water Mosquitos are more likely to be flying around water
that is less sanitary. Also, having stagnant water increases
the chances of mosquito breeding. Dumping all stagnant water Mosquitos will breed in all types of water, so dumping all small pools of water
will slow their breeding and lower the amount of mosquitos. Using insect repellent The insect repellent doesn't guarantee protection, but it is nice to have along with the other improvments that can be made. If every at-risk area was able to make these improvements to their areas, the rate of malaria would decrease immensly.
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