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Learn about running or planning for a "as-a-Service" business or project

Sarah Gladstone

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Drupal-as-a-Service

module version info
theme version info

- Do not give 3 options when 1 is fine
- Disable customer access
- Do not be everything to everyone
- Standard set of modules per type
- Standardized/Single SOW per type
- Limit how many subscription/customer types offered (5 max)
- Standardize prices
- Standardize or
avoid projects
What I had to create
Simple way for help desk to know state of customer environment
Subscription types and customer types
auto preload/validate
based on country, customer type, subscription type
Centralized control and monitoring (push and pull)
how-to videos & docs (staff and user)
Disable unsupportable areas
Customer auth v.s. help desk auth
What Drupal provides
The ugly
We almost always lost money
Copyright of theme
Standard distributions to all broke stuff
No testing budget in subscription price
The marketplace has moved
Drupal has fallen behind
The Good
The subscriber loves the look
Sticky - harder to leave the service
Can add to portfolio/customer gallery
Site is less cookie-cutter
Stronger relationship with subscriber
The Bad
Your own designer/subcontractor needs custom modules loaded
No longer a standard deploy.
New version of Drupal. :-(
increased ongoing costs and support challenges
Subscriber confusion
Version and Config management
Themes - oh joy!

CMS versions:
Joomla 1.5 (6 months)
Drupal 6.x (About 6 years)
Drupal 7.x (About 2 years)

Major modules:
CiviCRM 3.x
CiviCRM 4.x

Lessons learned the hard way:

Offer only canned set of themes (5-7 choices)
Offer easy embed theme/tools (such as: youtube, sched.org, google calendar, etc)
Themes configured by a newbie/subscriber/help desk
Offer choice of inexpensive site builder (DrupalGardens, Weebly, Wix, etc)
If custom design/theme is needed, refer project to outside designer/sub-brand to be hosted separately.
Decide what each brand is selling

Unique for each customer
Turn-key solution
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