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Comparatives & superlatives

No description

Diana Laura Suárez Aspiros

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Comparatives & superlatives

Pop is nicer than banda, but the indie folk is the nicest.
Capoeira is more dangerous than basketball, but the box is the most dangerous.
The lumineers are better than Avalanche city, but The Fray is the best.
The Fray
The music of The National Paks are more interesting than Passenger, but the music of John Mayer is the most interesting.
Comparatives & superlatives
Suárez Aspiros Diana Laura
dance is more exhausting than tennis, but run is the most exhausting
Yoga is more popular than Yudo, but Golf is the most popular.
Pizza is more delicious than sushi, but tacos are the most delicious.
Carlos Ruiz Zafón is more famous than Blue Jeans, but Jose Saramago is the most famous.
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