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No description

Mitha Mathavan

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Comparison

Another Animated Film
Another Film by Studio Ghibli
Comparing with Ponyo
Comparing with Alice in Wonderland
Both based aroud friendship
Struggle to fit into their society
Development of characters
Female protagonist befriend male insiders
Close-ups- showing emotion
Panning shots- as moving shows emotions
Point of view- first impression
Panning shot- feeling towards others

Comparison Between Animated Films
Spirited Away
The Storyline of
Spirited Away
Chihiro is not impressed by her new neighborhood
Her parents stop to explore an abandoned theme-park
They eat food belonging to the spirits... turned into pigs
She is stranded in bathhouse... meets Haku; boiler-man who gives her job
Meets Yubaba + baby... signs contract (forgets name) doesn't fit in with workers
Thinks no-face is guest... eats everyone... chases Chihiro
Haku injured... stole gold seal from Zaneba... baby + bird transform
Journey... save haku+parents... rat + bird + no-face
Apology accepted...
Haku is injured badly by Yubaba's twin (Zaneba). Chihiro learns that he is Yubaba's slave and stole a golden seal from Zaneba.
She sets of on a journey to save Haku and her parents, with the help of a small bird, a rat( who is actually Yubaba's baby) and No-face... Zaneba accepts apology
Name is remembered... Haku spell broken
Test by Yubaba... remember parents... goes home
The Storyline of Ponyo
Fish-girl... father- wizard with bad memories of humans
Outing... stuck in bottle... befriends Sosuke
Want to become human... father is angry... meets mother
Becomes human with magic... imbalance... huge tsunami... escapes to meet Sosuke
Journey to underwater... use up magic along the way
Meet mother... turning into fish again... full transformation
Kiss completes the transformation... tsunami is stopped by her mother
The Storyline of Alice in Wonderland
With sister... under tree... bored by Shakespeare
Alice chases rabbit... falls into hole
Hallway... shrink +grow... fall into bottle
Meets rabbit again... follows to tea-party + caterpillar... bad treatment from guards
Lost in forest... meet Cheshire cat... disappearing powers
Invited to the Queen of Heart's kingdom... Cheshire cat plays trick on her... blames on Alice
Ordered to kill Alice... runs away... rabbit says its all just a dream... she wakes up under the same tree beside sister.
Power of friendship... stronger relationships
Doubt & trust... relying on others
Reasons for friendship... different goals
Varied endings... happy and sad
Establishing shot- importance to different things
Extreme close up- Spirited Away... more importance to emotions of characters
Support from friends... hard situations
Main protagonists notice mistreatment... feel pity on people
Unwanted relations... at one point... cause trouble for the protagonists
Undershot- showing evilness... implying relationships
Point of view shot- emotions... happiness
Overhead shot- same purpose in both...surprise... relief
Character development... Spirited Away.... learns from relations
Strength of relationships... Separating is hard for one... happy to leave...
Reasons for friendship... different goals... need to trust
Establishing shot- not needing to intoduce environment... shown through characters
Extreme close up- different causes... no need to show emotions
The Theme of
Definition of friendship... the state of mutual trust and support between two people
Not just friends... relationships altogether
Visible in 3 animated movies
Main theme... shown as way of learning
Linked to greed/gluttony
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