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MailChimp for Email Marketing

No description

Samantha King

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of MailChimp for Email Marketing

A quick overview
What can we do with it?
Okay to use...
Next question....
Am I Spamming?
How do we import our list?
Prices are in USD, and will be charged that way
MailChimp for Email Marketing
How much is it going to cost us?
There is a free option...
Next question....
Gray area....
Other gray areas
Just no...
Prospects are off limits
Members of local organizations who did not expressly consent
We want to send an email survey to our customers
We want to send a thank-you note to everyone who came to our event
We want to blast an e-promo to...
Last question....
Blog Updates
(RSS Feeds)
Test/Comparison emails
Specific reply email address
Tracking capabilities
Segmentation amongst list
Content can be copied and pasted
The Legal Speak
My content?
We retain ownership of the materials uploaded to MailChimp
However, they may use content uploaded to them internally to create programs and systems to help them spot problem accounts
My Email List?
MailChimp doesn't sell, steal, share, contact or market to your list unless required by law
What kind of data can we get from it?
Next question....
And finally...
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