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Kendra M,Mrs.Barcon

No description

Hull Elementary

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Kendra M,Mrs.Barcon

Kendra M,Mrs.Barcon
I think Math is really easy and fun. Sometimes it can be hard, but it really isn't.
Math pic
In science we learned a lot of things. We just got done finishing our science experiments. My science partner and I chose to do the paper airplane flight experim.
My class and I are reading a Grace Lin book. The book is called Where the Mountain Meets The Moon. I enjoy this book very much.
The book
In writing we learned alot! We learned how to make a hamburger paragraph, a bing,bang,bongo E.S.S.A.Y, and propaganda! I think writing is one of my favorite subjects in Hull.
Social Studies
In social studies we learned about amendments. It's really interesting how each amendment comes in a different year. I don't really no what to say about social studies.
Orchastra is very fun. I learned lots of songs. I understand how to play songs better when we are in small group days. I am more focused better.
I'd like to learn about the galaxy,and moon. I'd also like to read another different book to keep up with reading.
For the rest of the year
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