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BA 234

Business Communication

João Matos

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of BA 234

Portugal South Korea Egypt EUROPE Spain North Korea Japan ASIA AFRICA Libya NORTH
Cultures BA 234 Business Communication Dr. Aykan CANDEMIR A presentation for: Prepared by: Agne JOTAUTAITE
Simon VERGE Sudan Population:
10,581,949 (2012)


Main Industries:
Wood products
Beverages How to start? - Appearance;

- Deal with the right people;

- Mealtimes for cementing relationships;

- Be punctual, but prepare yourself to wait. What to do during meetings? (1)
- Formal treatment:
Mr./Mrs. + Family Name

- Favorite subjects of conversation:
Portugal (landscapes, food and beverages)
Football Ending a meeting - Business card;

- Established deadlines for final decisions;

- Strong handshake, polite invitations. Population:
84,312,326 (2012)
Egyptian Pound Main Industries:
Cotton What to do during meetings? (2) - Be friendly, avoid direct confrontation, don't shout or lose your temper;

- Initiative to the Portuguese side;

- Tips: 5-10% in restaurants. Population:
50,004,441 (2012)
South Korean Won
Main Industries:
Electronic products
Motor vehicles
Chemicals How to start? - Research any company before approaching it;

- Do not overlook the potential impact of religious issues on any decision- making process;

- Find right initial contacts;

- Appoint a go-between who can arrange meetings and act as a bridge into the culture. Arranging Meetings - Time is very flexible, meetings may start very late (if at all) and last for many hours;

- Don’t do anything on Thursday or Friday and avoid key issues during the month of Ramadan. Acting in Meetings - Be prepared to give and receive lavish compliments;

- It advisable to bring gifts to business partners in Egypt;

- Small talk before starting the meeting;

- Closer proximity while communicating, eye-contact;

- Dress code: conservative, smart. Business Meals - Always accept invitations for lunch, dinner, etc.;

- Leave some food in the plate.

- Eat and pass food with your right hand.

- 10% tips for waiters. Preparation and First Meetings - Try to do some research on the people you will be meeting;

- Punctuality is very important;

- Topics in the beginning: exchanging pleasantries, discussing travel and other such seeming trivia;

- Gift giving is an endemic part of Korean business life. During Meetings - Appearance: dark suit, shirt and tie;

- Good body posture;

- Respect to senior people. Communication style - Be sure to have all technical details and answers to hand;

- Senior western women will be accepted but may not be given the respect they feel their position merits;

- Saying 'no' means poor etiquette. Successful Entertaining - If invited out for dinner, it is advisable to accept it;
- It is customary for the host to order the food;
- Many business dinners are accompanied by some fairly heavy drinking;
- Tipping is not customary. Thank you
for you
attention! Chile SOUTH
AMERICA Argentina Bolivia Population:
17,402,630 (2012)

Chilean Peso

Main Industries:
Mining How to start what to do during the meeting
(1) - Handshake

- Business card

- Use the first name of the person you are speaking to Ending a meeting - Handshake/embracing

- Polite invitation to an informal meeting

- Tips : 10 % of the bill Stereotypes - Avoid January and February

- Appearance : dress conservatively and formally

- Business language : English and Spanish

- Have an insider into the company

- Be on time but you may have to wait what to do during the meeting
(2) - Don't rush immediately to the main subject

- Favorite subject of conversation : Chilean wine and natural beauty of the country

- Show you have learn something about their country Stereotypes
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