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Copy of Selling SaaS in the Enterprise

A different Methodology to sell a SaaS solution in the enterprise based on lowering CAC

Vovk Natalya

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Selling SaaS in the Enterprise

Network with one hidden layer and one output layer performs the following non-linear function mapping
Source: Feb 6, 2012 Brightcove S1 - Financial Results
Factors that limit the use of the analyzed methods in assessing investment risks of the bank:
Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
How to lower the cost of enterprise sales?
GSTD initiation
Problem with timeliness of VMD bank details request
Switzerland VMD process improvement
FS reporting team
Nataliia Vovk
Artem Kit

one of the financial risks of the bank, which summarizes how the potential loss of resources or income shortfall, so also the opportunity to generate additional income amount due impact of external and internal factors while maintaining investment where such influence factors determine the diversity of manifestations of the investment risk of the bank and its ability to uncoupling other financial risks
The main disputable issues in the definition of "banks' investment risk":
 1. Incomplete consideration of the general interpretation of the concept of the notion “risk”
The Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) exceeds the Life Time Value (LTV) a customer brings us.
This is my third go-around selling to large enterprises, SkyStream, Kontiki and now Qumu.

I like to explain to you the problem the way I see it, the changes I suggest to avoid making the same mistake again. and
Travels to Clients
Travels to clients to get to know them
Build report over lunch, dinner & golf events
Uses Social Media to find new leads
Closes deals face-to-face to relay commitment
This model appears to fail for all but a few companies
Everyone uses
same model

SlideRocket a-synchronous selling tool
LinkedIn as a Sales Tool
EchoSign - eSignatures for contracts
Step 4: Implement a weekly training program
Step 1: Elements of a SaaS Sales Machine
Training: Coach your team!
Organize like a sports team
Due to high amount of changes in our field we can no longer rely on training institutions, this is the coach responsibility
Meeting Prep
Story Telling
Using Prezi
One Hour per week
Skills: The Best and the Rest
(vs. annual 3-day training)
Ryals and Davies identified 8 types of salespeople of which only 3 were consistently effective.
The Effective Minority
Meeting Preparation
Customer Interaction
Company Presentation
Presentation & Rapport
The Sales Pitch
Story Telling
Rising to the Challenge
These are the skills that we must teach
Visualization of the effective minority shows the corresponding behaviors of the most effective salespeople. Experts (9%) are good at all 7 skills. Consultants (15%) listen well and are good problem solvers. and Closers (13%) can pull off a big product sale, but their smooth-talking style does not work as well for selling services
Selling SaaS in the Enterprise
Hire and develop along Web-Selling Skills
Consultative with Provocative approach
Latest in asynchronous selling tools
Weekly training sessions with coach
Flat/Sport team like organization, compensated on Logo, Use and Seats
Most corporations get stuck at 100-300 customers
Step 2: Hire along new Skills
Customer Success Driven
Step 3 - Re-organize in a new structure
RainKing - Get to the right prospects
Most corporations get stuck at 100-300 customers
Hubspot - All in one marketing SW
Qvidian - Sales Playbooks
Box - Hosting key documents
<more to come .. // ..//
From the 2nd of February FS reporting team has to ask supplier the official confirmation of their bank details for entering
New Market requirements
What then?
What is the instrument, which can facilitate decision-making process in bank?

Neural Network
a series of algorithms that attempt to identify underlying relationships in a set of data by using a process that mimics the way the human brain operates
Theoretical aspects of the
investment risks in the commercial banks
Analysis of main endogenous and exogenous factors affecting the investment risks of the banking system of Ukraine
Ways to minimize the risks of investment operations in Ukrainian banks
y = f2(w2f1(w1x)),
- input vector,
- output vector,
The transfer functions:
at the hidden layer,
at the output layer,
- weight vectors.

Exogenous factors

(tree cluctering)
Endogenous factors
Kohonen self-organizing maps
ІScientific and practical results
In order to achieve this aim the following tasks were set up:
Task 1
to describe the main directions of domestic banks investment activities
Task 2
 to investigate the main reasons for decelerating the development of domestic banks investment activities and offer solutions to this problem
Task 3
 to analyze investment resources
of the Ukrainian banking system
Task 4
to consider the peculiarities of the evaluation system of investment risk in foreign banks
Task 5
to formalize and assess the impact of the major internal and external factors affecting the investment risks of domestic banks using cluster-discriminant analysis
Task 6
to suggest the ways to minimize banks’ investment risks using the experience of foreign banks
main aim of the thesis research
the development of practical recommendations on improving assessment of investment risk in banking institutions in Ukraine and the development of active methods of its minimization
 2. Uncertainty as to considering bank's investment risk in terms of carrying out investment operations or bank’s investment activities
Results of clustering of exogenous and endogenous factors that affecting investment risks of the banking system of Ukraine
Conclusions and recommendations
In order to improve the investment climate, to further develop investment banking in Ukraine and thus to reduce investment risks it is necessary to have reasonable state investment policy aimed at:

 providing banks with the possibility to accumulate necessary funds for investment activities;

 separating investment risk from banks as much of this risk is due to the economic situation in the country;

 improving the profitability of investment activities of domestic banks.

neural networks have attracted a lot of interest in the context of developing investment evaluation models because of their universal approximation property
 Own definition of bank investment risk is proposed on the basis of analysis of the works of local and foreign scientists
Most relevant exogenous and endogenous factors affecting banks’ investment risks in Ukraine are singled out
  Recommendations on the implementation peculiarities of foreign methods to minimize banks’ investment risks in the domestic banking practice are developed
Investment risk of the bank
one of the financial risks of the bank, which summarizes both the potential loss of resources or insufficient receipt of income, and the opportunity to generate additional income due to the impact of external and internal factors from investment activities where the influence of such factors determine the diversity of bank’s investment risk manifestations and its ability to split into other financial risks
Fundamental analysis
Statistic methods of risk assessment
comprehensive methodology for determining issues by renowned rating agencies
The most common methods of bank's investment risk assessment
(square) deviation

one of the indicators of variation of statistical population, shows the magnitude of deviation values of all specific observations from the center of the distribution of the average value of statistical population) and is calculated using the formula:
describe the level of interference between certain characteristics of the two sets of statistics
1) information base needed to use traditional statistic methods is small;

2) external bank conditions prevailing in different countries are significantly different;

3) limited range of application of systems used by supervisory authorities, their low speed and complexity.

Comparison of
neural network architectures links
Kohonen self-organizing maps
type of artificial neural network that is trained using unsupervised learning to produce a low-dimensional (typically two-dimensional), discretized representation of the input space of the training samples, called a map
Cluster and discriminant analysis of exogenous and endogenous factors affecting investment risks of the banking system of Ukraine
• the structure of the gross savings in the economy;

• the level of monetization of the economy;

• the level of commodity-money relations in the country;

• the level of confidence of holders of investment resources;

• the government's policy on support of financial development;

• trends of labour market development and others.

 existence of systemic problems in the banking system;
 restructuring of the banking system;

 objectives of NBU’s monetary policy;
 level of banks’ capitalization;

 competition in the banking system;
 level of capital consolidation in the banking system;

 level of foreign capital expansion into the banking system;
 volume of deposit base of the banking system and others.

Exogenous factors
Endogenous factors
Exogenous factors
Endogenous factors
Discriminant analysis
The weights of selected
endogenous and exogenous
factors that influence investment risks of the banking system of Ukraine
On the ground of the discriminant analysis of endogenous factors it can be concluded that the most significant impact (42.8%) is made by the factors in cluster №7:
 banks' capital to GDP ratio;
 average ROE in the banking system;
 growth rate of assets;
 growth rate of the share capital;
 growth rate of equity;
 average return on assets;
 growth rate of regulatory capital;
 regulatory capital of the banking system to GDP;
 deposit interest rates ;
 proportion of NPL in total;
 money multiplier (the technique NBU);
 banks expenses to GDP and others.

Method 1

 Risk avoidance
means bank’s refusal of the activity or such significant (radical) transformation of activities, after which this risk is eliminated
Method 2

Risk prevention and control
means the organization of activities in such a way that the bank can make the maximum impact on the risk factors and be able to reduce the probability of hazardous events
Method 3

Risk insurance
is a method that makes it possible to reduce the losses arising out of the activities by financial compensation from insurance funds
Method 4

Accepting risk
- is a way of doing business, where the losses in case of risk occurrence are transferred to a bank or other participants
The main methods used in foreign practice to minimize investment risks
Time for your questions
3. Unjustified referring of different manifestations of bank's investment risk on the effect of external and internal factors due to bank investment activities to the components of the definition of the risk
The main steps in the VMD process
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