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Copy of Gender Marketed to Children?

How children are influenced by the gender specific toys that are advertised

emily stroupe

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Gender Marketed to Children?

The Influence of Toys on Gender BIRTH Toy Influence on Gender Children are immediately assigned a sex based on their reproductive organs Children associate color with gender CHILDHOOD Appropriate games for boys Toy Messages Games are influential on the behaviors of children Based on the sex of the child, a "color appropriate" cap is used to represent their gender Boys Sex vs. Gender Sex: biological or physical characteristics that define a person Gender: behavioral characteristics that define a person based on society Appropriate games for girls Girls REINFORCEMENT Stores reproduce idea of dichotomous gender, creating 'boy' aisles and 'girl' aisles Obvious distinction in color Based on the gender aisles, certain games demonstrate what is appropriate for each gender Baby girls given pink caps, baby boys given blue Toys advertised to girls promotes what is perceived as "feminine" behavior - courteous, cooperative, etc. Toys advertised to boys promote a very different "masculine" behavior - competitive, aggressive, etc. How games can be translated Sports Playing with water guns Playing "house" "Dress - up" Barbie dolls Action figures Diva Housewife Aggressor/military Toys emphasize gender norms, advertizing to the either male or female children, through which gender behavior is produced. Certain colors have been established in the home to represent "boy" or "girl" Gender-themed nurseries
common when sex of the baby is known Athlete
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