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Explorers of North America

No description

Karen Stuckmeyer

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Explorers of North America

Explorers of North America
Part Two

Spanish explorer who searched to find the Seven Cities of Gold
Began the search in 1540 with the help of 300 soldiers and 1,000 enslaved Native Americans
Never found the Seven Cities of Gold
Explored lands that are now the southwestern United States
Claimed land for Spain (this land is now Mexico, Southwest U.S. and Florida
Coronado Pizarro
Spanish conquistador
In 1539 he and 600 men sailed from Cuba and landed near Tampa Bay
Later, they became the first Europeans to see the Mississippi River
They had many battles against Native American Tribes as they claimed more and more land for Spain
In 1534 he was sent by the King of France to look for the Northwest Passage and to search for gold.
He made 3 trips to North America.
He explored the St. Lawrence River all the way to what we now know as Montreal.
He didn't find a Northwest Passage, however, he claimed all the land along the St. Lawrence River for France.
Many people learned much more about North America because of his explorations.
Cartier Hudson
Was a Spanish Conquistador
In 1531 led 180 soldiers on expedition to explore west coast of South America
Met with emperor of Inca empire
Told the emperor that they must accept Christianity and Spanish rule
Inca Emperor refused so the soldiers attacked the Incas
Pizarro took control of the region and claimed it all for Spain
Hernando de Soto Verazano
Made 3 trips to look for the Northwest Passage
In 1608, on his first voyage, he reached Greenland and then traveled into the Arctic Ocean, but couldn't find a Northwest Passage
3rd trip was paid for by the Dutch East Indian Company
He spent a month exploring the river in what is now New York
He named the river for himself and claimed the entire Hudson River valley for the Dutch rulers.
In 1610, an English company paid for Hudson's last voyage
He sailed along the northern coast of North America to the bay that is now named for him.
He claimed the land for England
In November, Hudson's ship became frozen in the ice. His crew rebelled and put Hudson and eight other men off the ship into a small boat and they were never seen again.
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