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One Day in The Life at VSS TSCNG

Contributions to iEARN's One Day in The Life from Visja strokovna sola of TSC Nova Gorica

Sasa Sirk

on 20 June 2010

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Transcript of One Day in The Life at VSS TSCNG

Documenting one day in the lives of students around the world... What did WE do on Tuesday 10 November 2009? Ervin B.:
After almost fourteen days of rain we finally awaited a clear morning with a beautiful sun shining on us. It made me very happy because of all that colors in nature. It all seems so lively when the sun shines. Don't get me wrong, I like rain too, but it was a long period of rain and cold weather but now I think it's over. Let the sun shine in your lives.
Rajko K.: I took a photo of my favourite breakfast.
I eat this every morning. It is very tasty. First I go to the bathroom and I wash my face. Then I have breakfast. I have cornflakes with milk. Then I go to school by car. Jani Z.:

Before I went to school I said goodbye to my cat. Jernej Č.: Today we had a guest teacher during our English class. He used to be a professor at high school in the USA but currently works and lives in Slovenia. He likes staying in Slovenia because he loves our food especially the dish called 'krvavica' (a kind of blood sausage) and 'repa' (turnips) and - our company. We discussed lots of things, he mentioned that he likes Slovenian country music and that he has an accordion that he likes to play. He said that students at their high schools must be clean-shaven, unlike at our schools. Piercings are OK. Tattoos with an appropriate content are also allowed. School rules seem to be more rigid than in Slovenia.
In his ppt. presentation he showed how Mechatronics connects to all sort of fields in practice and that technology is moving on very quickly. Factories make products which are smaller, lighter, more intelligent and cheaper.
I enjoyed meeting him.
Enjoyed early morning sunshine
Had some cornflakes Said goodbye to my cat Liked the English class Matevž C.: Wondered why the road is empty On Tuesday I went home after school by bike, like every single day. I took a photo of this long, straight path leading to my home. Usually there are a lot of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and joggers on this path; it is quite crowded and noisy. From time to time there are also trains passing by, it is usually a very lively place. But on that Tuesday, there was only me and nobody else. Everything was so unusually deserted, calm and peaceful. In this picture I tried to capture this loneliness. Jan M.: Went home by bike On this picture I am going home from school on my bike. I usually go here because of the people's gardens which are around here. Jure Ž.: I took the photo of this big old tree. I saw it in a forest, where I went for a walk in the afternoon. It caught my eye because it is really huge. I wish you could see it yourselves. before the school... during the school day... after the school... later in the afternoon... Saša S.: Observed children playing Enjoyed the sun's warmth on the children's playground with my boys until the sunset. This playground is located on a really nice, peaceful location in my hometown. There were many children and parents there. It was a beautiful November afternoon with autumn colours on the ground and in the air. Uroš P.: Fed the parrots I took a photo of the room where I keep my parrots. I changed their water, gave them some food and cleaned their cages. I also checked if there were any new eggs. Saw a nice old tree Uroš R.: Tested the new CNC machine I was in my room before supper and couldn't wait to test out my new machine that I finally finished.
This is a homemade 3 axis CNC machine. You can see how it writes my name in plexi:
Miha K.: Worked on computer Every day I am on my computer; I check my mail and play games but mostly just watch films, series, anime ...Another thing I like to do is playing synthesizer ( something like that). I'm very bad, just an amateur and only know a few songs but I like to practice every day if I have time.
Matej S.: Celebrated St. Martin's Day Tuesday was the night before St Martin, the Slovene national festival which celebrates the turning of must into wine. So my friends come to my wine cellar, where we were tasting the new wine. We met before dinner, but our meeting finished after midnight.
after dinner... What did WE do on Tuesday 23 March 2010? before the school... Larisa K.: It’s morning and I have stepped out on my balcony to have a cup of coffee. I look around at my surroundings and I see movement in the trees caused by the wind. At this moment I think to myself what a terrible day it will be. Then I look into the sky where I see the sun coming out of the clouds. When I see this, I know that it will be a sunny and good day for me. This makes me feel wonderful and happy.
Looked at the morning sky Sara R.: Here is the road on which I drive to school every day. I go to school by car and usually I’m alone. Because I have no one to talk to and because the road is a long and straight one I’m usually bored. I have my own car, I bought it this autumn when I started school, because I live far away and need to drive every day. Drove to school during the school day... Aljaž Č.: This is one of the most »important« moments of the day – the rest between lectures. In this photo are four of my classmates and me. We are enjoying the fresh air.
Liked the break after the school...
Vesna K.: Nature awakens. When I finish school I go for a walk and I see a fruit tree in blossom. Soon it will be time to enjoy the goodness of nature. This means that finally the rainy days will end and the sunny days will come. Saw a fruit tree in blossom Jasmina K.: Watched Ajda sleep I have a very lazy dog and her name is Ajda. She is 12 years old, which is quite a lot for a dog. It is a breed known as resasti jazbečar in Slovene language (En. mixed terrier). She is a very important family member. She sleeps on the sofa most of the time, but when we have lunch she is the first at the table.
Domen Z.: I took this photo before dinner. This is my car. Every day I go to school by it and I use it also to go to other places. I spend a lot of time in my car and I am happy that I have it. But it is hard to maintain it because it is very expensive. I have a weekend job so I can mostly pay the expenses myself, but if necessary my parents help me out.
Took a photo of my car Nejc K.: After a busy day, I am driving back home and I am in a hurry because I still have some things to do, and because I want to be home as soon as possible. I have just finished classes and it’s already dark. I mostly have classes in the afternoon. The more I am in a hurry; the more obstacles come in my way. In this photo is a stop sign that I wish wasn't there. Drove back home after dinner... Laura R.: I like nature and flowers the most.
It's about 8 pm and it’s a beautiful evening. I am out with my friends. I need some fresh air. We are walking and walking and admiring the dark sky. There is only the moon there. The stars are nowhere to be seen. We cross the bridge and I see some yellow flowers. These are daffodils. Now I know that the spring is here and that there will be no more snow. I like the Spring because all the flowers, trees and bushes are blossoming. It is beautiful!
Saw some yellow daffodils Ana L.: Had a walk in the moonlight I am outside with my friends going for a walk. We are heading towards the Kostanjevica monastery. We sit on a bench and we are looking into the sky. After a moment the clouds part and reveal the moon. It's beautiful. I chose this picture because it reminds me of the vastness of the sky.
at Saša Sirk and VSSNG students, June 2010
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