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Final Project - Personal Student Success Plan

No description

Serena Resendez

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Final Project - Personal Student Success Plan

Who am I?
I am ENTJ, short for extroversion, intuition, thinking and judgment which all breaks down as a realist.
My learning style is Kinaesthetic, which means I have a preference for physical experience. I learn things through touching, feeling, and doing. Basically learning through a hands on experience.
I mostly think well when I am alone, and share my ideas when I am clear about what I believe. I learned to understand myself as a whole and not as bits and pieces.
Motivation & Wellness
I am here at EMCC because this college gave me the opportunity to start the educational process for my career.
What motivates me to keep coming to school is my parents and friends. The finish line
My personal way to stay healthy and to keep moving forward is to eat right, and exercise. To reduce stress I make it a habit to turn my assignments in on time and do them accurately and efficiently.
Career Development &
Educational Plan
Classes Needed: Literacy and Critical Inquiry, Mathematical Studies, Humanities, Social-Behavioral Sciences, Natural Sciences, Cultural Diversities and Oral Communications. The General Electives I have to complete are 60
The career path I have chosen is, Health Informatics. The degree I am seeking is my associates and I plan to work towards getting my Masters.
I plan to transfer to the University of Arizona
Interview Skills
Leveraging knowledge of the company and interviewer, because its important to know information and the culture of the company and why you chose that company over others.
Knowing your own resume is important because you should be prepared for any questions they have pertaining to it.
Financial Planning
Tuition at U of A for 2 years is $9,388
Books: $1,000
Fees & Supplies: $1,000
Medical/Dental: $200
Living Cost on Campus: $9,714
Transportation: $1,000
Personal Expenses: $1,000
GRAND TOTAL: $23,302
I will be using grants and financial loans to pay for my schooling and expenses.
Student Success Plan
The study skills I plan to use for my upcoming courses are using memory strategies, this will help me improve on tests and daily life reminders.
Time Managment is another skill because I feel I don't spend my time wisely.
The two campus resources I use are Estrella Hall, and the Advisement. I visit both these places frequently whenever I have questions or need tutoring for any of my classes.
Short Term Goals: 1. Finish this semester with A's and B's. 2. Prepare for next semesters classes.
Long Term Goals: 1. Finish my general studies and transfer to UofA. 2. Start my career as an anesthesiologist.
I'm scared of new things and getting accustomed to different people and different classes, but it is also exciting to see new faces and learn new things and taking a step closer to my career.
I hope this class was as helpful to you as it was to me,
also I hope everyone stays determined and pushes through the hard times to reach their goals.
Final Project - Personal Student Success Plan
Serena Resendez
Professor Hamilton
Majoring in Science
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