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Alternative Energy Sources

No description

Daly Matthews

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Alternative Energy Sources

Using sugar for electricity is surprisingly green because it doesn't emit any C02 emissions. That is what humans seem to be most worried about right now, because there are so many of them. However, this type of energy may have other side effects we don't know about, or don't think are important. This could be like oil and gas, where we start using it like there's not tomorrow, not realizing until we are dependent on it, that there might not BE a tomorrow if we continue. We think that the people on this planet need to be using more than one source of energy. We really can't HAVE just one main source of electricity/energy. Currently, humans have an abundant amount of sugar in their/our lives. This may be true now, but in the future will we have enough??
Sweet Hydrogen

Sugar - ???
It's very clear that is today's world, sugar had been exploited, but so far, it's main use is in food. Almost every food you eat, has sugar in it. Rather than ingesting it, and making ourselves more fat, Professor Zhang, a scientist at Virginia Tech had a better idea. He, and some other researchers are experimenting with ways to convert sugar into hydrogen. Hydrogen ( a colorless, odorless, flammable gas that combines with oxygen to form water ) can be used to produce fuel cells which can provide energy without producing any pollution at all. Believe it or not, scientists are thinking about the creation of sugar-based batteries that may someday power cell phones, tablet computers and other devices.

Our Project
Daly and Sanaa's group has decided to do a project on using SUGAR to create electricity. They think this actually makes a lot of sense, because sugar powers peoples body's. It has a lot of carbohydrates, which keeps people energized. This is because our body's turn those carbohydrates into energy.
Sanaa Munnan and
Daly Matthews

Can find us @ : 325 Kinniburgh Boulevard, Chestermere, AB T1X 0P4

Avalible @: 8:20 to 2:36 Monday to Thursday
As humans, we use enzymes ( various proteins, originating from living cells and capable of producing chemical changes in organic substances) to break down sugar and use it for energy. So, scientists are using enzymes to break down sugar and use it for electricity. Both humans and scientists use ATP for this. Humans, to power our muscles,and scientists, for electricity. Scientists use 13 enzymes and air -because it's an air breathing battery- to create electricity. A down-side of this is we don't know how to store it for long amounts of time.
Pro's and Cons

Causes almost no pollution
Uses something we have in abundance
Is an alternative energy source to oil/gas
We use sugar in almost all of our foods, and when the demand for something goes up, then the price goes up. This would mean the price of sugary foods goes up, and we could become more healthy as a species.
Pros Cons
The machines that are needed to harvest sugar still emit C02 (Oil&Gas)
May have some side effect that re not known yet
We may begin over-harvest area's where sugar cane us grown, and could .
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