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'Macbeth Context

At least one lesson's activities.

Paul Hanson

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of 'Macbeth Context

'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare
Quiz Quiz Trade
Let's see how much you can learn about the context of Macbeth in five minutes.
How many GCSEs do you get for English?

How many exams do you have?

And, how many controlled assessments?
AO1: Showing
of the play and poems and
using quotations
to support your ideas.
Timed Rally Robin
A02: Explaining how
are used by the writers to present their ideas about being a hero.
AO4: Discussing how texts are influenced by the time they were written and how reader’s have responded to them at different times.
AO3: Making comparisons and links between the texts.
The Four Assessment Criteria
AO4: Discussing how texts are influenced by the time they were written and how reader’s have responded to them at different times.
What is

The time and place you are born and live in shape the way you think.

Shakespeare's England was different from ours and so people thought differently about some things .
All Write Round Robin
After twenty seconds thinking time, work with your groups to
list all the differences between Shakespeare's England and our own
. Try also to consider
what might still be the same
Imagine you are working for the Government and have been commissioned (employed) to write a play about a government in the past.

Knowing that you had to include a Prime Minister in it, how would you make him look? And his enemies? Would you want to upset the current PM and risk him being really angry with you?
In many respects, this is what 'Macbeth' is about: Macbeth wrote a play that would please King James I.
Let's see what you learned.
Green Pen Self-assessment
Underline the strengths of your writing. Remember that you were aiming to show your knowledge and understanding of the context, so underline:
key facts
your explanations

Remember to circle any basic errors that you made.
Why would King James I have been concerned with regicide?
Who tried to blow up Parliament in the Gunpowder plot?
When was Macbeth written?
When was Macbeth set?
What does Thane mean?
Is Macbeth completely fictional?
What was Shakespeare’s theatre called?
In which country is Macbeth set?
Two GCSEs: Language and Literature.

Three exams: one for Language and two for Literature.

Four CAs for Language and one for Literature
The Literature CA: 'Macbeth and War Poetry
Title: Compare the ways writers present heroes.
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