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The Progressive Movement (1900-1920)

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Harty WHAP

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of The Progressive Movement (1900-1920)

The Progressive Movement 1900-1920
The Progressive Movement (1900-1920)
Roots of Progressives
Found in Social Gospel Movement
Spearheaded by Protestant Clergyman, educated middle class ( a LOT of women!)
Called on Christians to rise to challenge of helping their fellow man

Impact of Progressives
The Social Reformers
Jane Addams: Leader in the settlement house movement; created the Hull House which aided poor immigrants
Brought many social reforms at the city, and state level to make govt more accountable to the people
Initiative (voters could directly introduce bills in the state legislature and could vote on whether the wanted a bill passed)
Referendum (voters could compel legislators to place a bill on the ballot for approval)
Recall (elected officials could be removed from office by voting in a special election)
Reforms at the federal level with the Pendleton Act, which reduced political appointments and had job candidates pass an examination
Group of investigative reporters, writers, and social scientists
They worked to expose the abuses of industrial society and expose corruption that existed in all levels of government
Goals of Progressives
Sought to correct political and economic injustices from Industrialization (abuses of big business and exploiting of workers)
Like the Populists wanted to reform society
Upton Sinclair—The Jungle revealed many abuses of the meat packing industry. Led to Meat Inspection Act.


Initiative means
YOU can propose
a law... and hopefully
pass it!
Jacob Riis—How the other Half Lives showed the poverty of urban areas in US
Frank Norris—The Octopus depicted the stranglehold railroads had over farmers
Warm Up!

Which of the following was a problem faced by American factory workers in the late 19th century?
A Factory owners required that workers organize themselves into unions to bargain
B Workers in many industries faced periodic unemployment and poor working conditions
C Workers lacked the means of transportation to factories
D Factory owners demanded that their workers obtain more education
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