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The Human Resource Management Simulation

No description

Melissa Chrystal

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The Human Resource Management Simulation

The Human Resource
Management Simulation
Key Findings
Competitive wage rates

Morale index >80

Reduced turnover by 30%

Gender minority mix representative of community

Increased productivity 10% year on year
Provide an initial wage increase

Increase wages with productivity gains

Use selective external recruitment

Commitment to training

Commitment to safety programs

Support internal promotion

Investment in employee benefits
Lessons learnt
Review decisions before finalising submission

Every team needs a leader

One decision affects multiple KPIs

Instrumental versus strategic decisions

Training is critical

Bob Jenkins
Melissa Chrystal
Naresh Kumar
The Gainsborough
Goals, strategies, decisions,
results and learnings
An integrated strategic HRM approach to support competitive positioning
What we did well
Morale Final rank 1
Turnover Consistently ranked 1 or 2
Grievances Consistently ranked 1 or 2
Productivity Ranked 2 (Qtrs 7&8)
Programs Ranked 1 (Qtrs 4-8)
Fringe benefits Ranked 2 (Qtrs 4-8)
Female target Final rank 1
• Older retired military minority hire

• Outsourced short term temp labor

Contentious decisions
Building for the future
As a team, we were cohesive sometimes too much so

We were organised and committed

We kept to our goals and modified our strategies as required

High correlation between training and KPIs

Wages and programs policy had a high impact on morale and turnover levels

Strategy outcomes
Highest rank morale
38% improvement
Low grievances & turnover
A stable productive workforce established - set for future success!
14% increase
Job Analysis
All Jobs reviewed

Job Design
Rotation, enlargement, enrichment

Performance Appraisal
360 / BARS

Compensation planning
Performance based pay

Self managed work teams
Scheduling & 'how' to perform role

Goals and

Decisions of the HR Department
Findings and the Future
There were some mistakes along the way...
Laying the foundation
for a strong HR function
Higher cost
High quality provider
Employer of choice
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