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Love and Responsibility

No description

Jeremaih Ballesteros

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Love and Responsibility

"Love has its own reason that is so hard to explain and understand." - Blaise Pascal
LOVE is a willful act that attracts two or more individuals to help, protect, and defend the subject of their attraction. Decision
Goodness of the subject of that attraction
End of love who is the subject EROS KINDS OF LOVE MEANING:
Sexual in nature & has something to do with the fulfillment of the flesh. Modern Greek word "erotas" means "intimate love;" PHILLIAL AGAPE MEANING:
Giving love and expecting something in return. Reciprocal of EROS It is the love given to our family and to
the country. the unconditional love MEANING:
Given to one's by God who is not demanding anything in return. In human relation, it could be observe in the love given by the mothers to their children. In accordance to the book. Since LOVE is an
intentional act, then only
man is capable of loving. Only Man has the capacity to willfully direct his act towards something though his rationality. Directed to self, things (Material money, house, dress, e.t.c.), family(filial), country(patriotic), God(religious), others(brotherly), and to special someone(romantic) THE EXPERIENCE OF LOVE: First, In love, there is the one who is loves. In short, there is someone who is existing and driven to love. THE EXPERIENCE OF LOVE: Secondly, love has to be a subject. One cannot say he loves when there is no object of his affection. Loving is therefore going out of the self. Lastly, with love man is basically good. The lover is driven by the goodness directed at the object of his affection. Man loves and wants what is good for the one he loves.
(Must also be bonded by God through marriage.) THE EXPERIENCE OF LOVE: YOU'RE HANDSOME!!! YOU'RE HOT!!! IS THIS FOR REAL? :D DIALOGUE Oh dear.. You know what,
I like you... What is Dialogue? It is the communication between the two individuals given their own biases. With this communication, the two individuals merge and produce one unique entity driven by the complementaries of their strength and weaknesses. Sexual satisfactions
& Drives The purpose is not only the satisfaction of one but also the satisfaction of all. Both will enter into sexual practice because they love each other and they are driven to share love, pleasure and happiness with each other In Christian Context Still it must be under the sanctity of marriage between two individuals in the opposite sex. After that, the couple must settle also their responsibility towards the other (neighbor and community) and to God before elevating their love into something sexual. Love is something one cannot get away from; one can either love or be loved. Loving is an avenue for self-expression and of sharing one's good intention.

Being loved on the other hand gives self-worth to the receiver which is amplified by the attention and good intention given by the one who loves. Both entail responsibility, the lover to prove the nobility of his love and the one being loved to show that she is worthy of the love accorded to her. Points for Human Perfection 1. Love is not a waste of time
2. To love is to desire what is good to the object of your love
3. What is good to your love does not necessarily what is pleasing you. But in loving, what is good to your love stands higher than your personal good
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