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Evaporating Drinks

No description

kaia hernandez

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Evaporating Drinks

Evaporating Drinks
Kaia Hernanadez

Because plain water has no sugar or sodium in it, it evaporates slower than most liquids. My experiment is going to show how other sugar-containing drinks evaporate.
By keeping 5 different drinks, Coke, Orange Juice, Red Wine, Milk and Gatorade in a room temperature area with minimal sunlight i will observe them every 3 hours for 48 hours.
Project Steps
Problem: What liquid has the most sugar in it?

Hypothesis: if Coke evaporates in less than 48-hours, then it has the most sugar

Materials: All drinks, notepad, beaker with at least 150 milliliters

1. set up area with drinks each with 150 mil.
2. record start
3. observe liquid evaporation
4. repeat 3 every 3 hours
Manipulated variable: time
Responding variable: evaporation rate

12:00- OJ is the only difference
3:00-OJ and Gatorade slightly under 150 mil.
6:00- the same as 3:00
12:00- OJ is almost to 125 mil. Milk is gel-like
3:00- all a small bit under 150 mil.
6:00- OJ very close to 125 mil. Milk is almost a solid
In my experiment, i learned how different levels of sugar affected the way different drinks evaporate. i was surprised to see how slow the evaporation process takes, the numbers barely went down. My hypothesis was, in fact, incorrect, orange juice was the fastest to evaporate because of the acidity of the orange itself. if i were to do this experiment again i would use liquids with higher sugar levels and use more light. this concluded Evaporating Drinks.
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