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Intro to Mythology

The universality of themes presented in myths; Greek gods and their relevance to modern literature.

Christopher McKenzie

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Intro to Mythology

Mythology What is a myth? How are they relevant to our
time and culture?

Why do they matter? A myth is a fictional story, but some
people may believe it's true. For example, the story of Pandora's Box explains
why there is evil, sickness, and every other bad
thing in the world. They sometimes explain why things are
the way they are or the origin of something Live on Mount Olympus Greek gods For example, the myth of Narcissus teaches
the dangers of vanity and self-obsession Sometimes they teach morals Zeus God of the sky and
ruler of the gods Lightening bolts are his weapons Has over 90 children with both goddesses and humans, including Hercules Wife of Zeus Hera Known for being jealous
and vengeful Goddess of marriage God of the underworld Hades Prevented living souls from entering
the underworld and prevented dead
souls from leaving Brother of Zeus God of the sea Poseidon Sailors relied on him for safe travel Brother of Zeus and Hades Athena Goddess of wisdom; companion of heroes Goddess of the hunt Artemis Goddess of the harvest
and agriculture Demeter Sister of Zeus, Hades,
and Poseidon Aphrodite Goddess of love and beauty Atlas
Titans Words that came from
Greek mythology God of the sun,
light, truth, and music Apollo Messenger of the gods

Quick and cunning Hermes God of war

Fear and Terror
were chained to
his battle chariot Ares Hephaestus God of craftsmen

Blacksmith for the gods; he made all their weapons They are often used as symbols in literature. The Greek gods are still used in stories today, but in a different way. You should know that he's really talking about beauty For example, a modern author might write about Aphrodite in his story.
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