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jennypher cornet

on 9 February 2016

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1. What were some of the reviews on catcher when the novel first appeared in bookstores? why about the novel?
1. Read the poem by Robert Burns. What is it about? How does it define society in the 1950s?
1. Is Holden a typical troubled teen or mentally ill?
2. why do readers and the critics feel so much animosity towards salinger's characters (do not only consider those in the catcher in the rye)
3.what made catcher so different from other book published at the time.
4. why and how does catcher fit into the banned book classification?
2. Is Holden Caulfield a reliable narrator? Why or why not?
3. . How does Holdens generation differ from ours?
4. Based on the research what do/don’t teenagers gain from reading this novel?
1. Read about Salinger’s life. Know his life well enough to know what he contributed to literature.
2. What is it about JD Salinger's life that has received much attention in recent years?
3. What effect has Salinger’s attitude and life had on those around him, including his children and friends?
4. What is it about Salinger that defines the character of Holden Caulfield?

Holden is a very isolated person, he's in his own world. Holden keeps his life private.
2. What is the Beat Movement? Who were the instrumental artists who contributed to it? What was Salinger’s role in the movement?
3. How did the World Wars influence the 1950s? Explain.
4. How was American culture and society changing during the time The Catcher in the Rye was written?
5. Explain how the politics of the time influenced people's beliefs.
His book caused sensation when it was published. it first appeared in 1951, it introduced a brand -new voice in american writing, it quickly became a cult book, a rite of passage the brainy and the disaffected.
The critics replaced it with one in which a story could turn a tiny shift of mood or tone
The attempts have been made to ban this coming of the age story since 1960. these attempt's made based on obscene language and situations, excessive vulgar language, and sexual scenes . This book is still challenged and sometimes banned today for these reasons.
The book was published at a time when the burgeoning American industrial economy made the nation prosperous and entrenched social rules served as a code of conformity for the younger generation. Because Salinger used slang and profanity in his text and because he discussed adolescent sexuality in a complex and open way, many readers were offended, and The Catcher in the Rye provoked great controversy upon its release.
The poem is about Jenny. The poem defines a womans feelings in the 1950s because men came back from the war and things went back to the way they where before so the woman felt almost empty because all they were not doing anything with their lives. when men came back most woman took up nursing and teaching.
The wolds wars effected life in the 1950s because when the wars ended people where aving more children because now that the wars where over people saw peace for the future. Also when men came back from war woman didnt do much which while all this was happening it was right in the mddle of womans rights movements.
The beat movement is a group of authors work influenced life post wwII. people who contributed to it were Allen Ginsberg who wrote Howl, William S. Burroughs who wrote Naked Lunch, and d Jack Kerouac who did On the Road. Salinger's role in the movement was that he wrote a controversal novel that opened the eyes of everyone and mad epeople change the way they saw things.
J.D Salinger, born in Manhattan, he was the second of two children of a prosperous Jewish importer and a Scots-Irish mother. He was expelled from several private preparatory schools before graduating from Valley Forge Military Academy in 1936. J.D entered military service in 1942 and served until the end of World War II, participating in the Normandy campaign and the liberation of France.

In 1946 with the story "Slight Rebellion Off Madison," which was later rewritten to become a part of The Catcher in the Rye. Salinger quickly became one of the top contributors to the prestigious magazine.
American culture and the society as a whole changed A LOT during the 1950s. First off woman were seeking higher education because people had more access to information.(more jobs would then be filled by woman because they had a better education). Movie stars where born because people had more money to go to the movies. Also television became the dominant mass media. parents where less strict on child raising , alcoholics annonymous sarted, sexual morality started to change and was more acceptable in the mainstream. one of the biggest things that happened in the 1950s what the civil rights movement. on December 1, 1955 Rosa parks refused to give up to her seat to a white man and was arrested. this was one of the big sparks that started the civil rights movement. And lastly rock'n roll! developed in the late 1040s and early 1950s. Rock was formed my mixing blues and country together, taking out a saxiphone or a piano and replacing it with a guitar. rock was very popular with teenagers trying to break from the mainstream and a big reason for rebellious teens.
It has changeed a lot. everything has changed. It is 2016 and 1950 was sixty-six years ago. i would be exremely suprised if i find something that hassent changed since then. with technolagy and trends advancing and the human race making upgrades to everything you could think of there is very few things that have remained untouched by society.

Personally i think he is a mix of both. Holden has had quite the life experiences and constanly questions his sanity throught the novel. I think through out the book he is trying to help everyone while at the same time trying to help himself and figure out who he is. and again with him questioning his sanity we do the same thing. we ask ourselves if he really is insane or is he just having probelms like every other teen? What I am saying is that he may be a troubled teen but one that has grown to be mentally ill. Being a teenager you feel constant stress, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and it can be very overwhelming (which is why i believe he smokes and wonders where the ducks go in the winter, so he can find the same escape). but does that make you crazy? maybe if you go into full detail of a certain teens life you could find out there level of sanity. but no teen is the same even though they may act alike. So, i think Holden is a teen with probelms that carry into his adult hood and with him constantly thinking about that which is in his past, angry and full of regret, it drives him insane.
Yes. i believe he is a reliabe narrorator. J.D salinger wrote it like holden was recalling it all from memory or a journal. When he records serious life events Holden has no reason to lie not because he doesn't want to but because he just doesn't care what most people think of him. The only reason he wouldn't be a reliable narrarator is if he wanted to change is past entirely but still he wouldn't do that because whats the point of telling it just to make up a story of who he wanted to be. it also would contradict all what he is about; not being a phony.
Holdens generation differs from ours because of technology and evolution of phychology. First off in the 1950s there was no facebook, instagram, snapchat, ect. so the problem of cyber issues and bullying is completly out of the question. also his parenta would have been notified sooner of his expulsion from pency prep and he wouldn't be able to hide it from them. Now for the phychology part. since 1950 therapy and counceling is much more acceptable, affordable, and no one was scared of getting help because electric shock therapy was done away with around the 1980s. people in this generation are faster to ask for help because they know its possible to get better.
Something I think teens get from reading the novel is a sense of understanding. I think it is a book about becoming an adult and trying to keep what is left of their innocents. Holden is trying to figure everything out and wants to go away, saying this I think the book is also for people who are around his age group because it gives them something to relate to or to let them know what they are going through is normal. Over all what teens should get from Cather in the rye is that everything is okay and you need to slow things down and not try to grow up so fast.
Salinger's daughter Margaret wrote an equally negative account of her father that like Maynard's earlier book was met with mixed reviews.
4th period
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