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Is Softball Better Than Baseball?

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Brianna Pearson

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Is Softball Better Than Baseball?

Softball is better than baseball in so many ways! Let's just say a baseball isn't very soft which could be something dangerous. But guess what, a softball is a softer ball that isn't as dangerous to players!
I play softball and I know from being a pitcher, for Southington Lightning, and being 40ft from the batter I wouldn't want the batter to be hitting something as hard as a baseball! Even being 40ft away you still don't want to get hit by even a softball coming hard off the bat!
I can't even imagine getting hit by a baseball from that close! In the same way, baseballs are white which at times can be hard to see! If the sun is shinning at a bad angle good luck seeing that ball fly through the air! However a softball is neon yellow which sticks out like a sour thumb. The yellow ball is safer and an advantage. Howe
after research it says that 37% of baseball injuries are concussions and you don't want to have a concussion in the middles of the year!
Softball is better and safer so always choose softball!
Softball is better!
Always Pick Softball!
Softball and baseball rules are really different! For example pitchers for baseball have to throw over hand and softball players have to throw under hand! Both are challenging to hit but I believe that hitting underhand is more fun! The reaction times for both sports aren't very long. The table/graph below will show the following information.
What is Softball and Baseball?
By: Brianna Pearson
The white ball is a baseball and the yellow one is a softball
Softball is a modified form of baseball. This sport is played between two teams, on a diamond shape field with four bases, and is played with a hard/soft yellow ball.
Baseball is a sport that is played on a diamond field, has four bases, and is played with a hard white ball.
Did you know that the famous baseball seventh inning song, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame " was written in 1908? This tune is played almost always at baseball games but not as often at softball stadiums. It's interesting to know that even though a
regulation baseball
is smaller than a
regulation softball,
it has 30 more stitches! Even though there is a regulation for baseball, softball is the better of the sports. The rules of the game make it more challenging than its counterpart which makes it the BEST!!!!

Softball has been around for about 130 years! It was first created on Thanksgiving Day, In 1887, at a college football game! George Hancock, considered to be the inventor of softball tied the boxing glove so that it resembled a ball, chalked out a diamond on the floor, which gave it small dimensions than a regular baseball field to be able to fit in the gym, and broke off a broom handle to serve as a bat. They had to use a softer ball because they were indoor and from that day softball has become an amazing sport!

Baseball was invented in America in 1845. But even before that, as early as the 1600s, people in England played a similar game called rounders. The players on the other team tried to tag the runner by throwing the ball at him and hitting him with it! America copied England's game but modified the rules. Changing that the ball would not be thrown at the runner and adding things like bases.
Did you know.....even though a softball is bigger than a baseball a baseball is heavier than a softball?
Everything About Softball Is Great!
about 0.032
mila seconds
about 0.022 mila seconds

The rules in softball are also different in other ways! The base paths are a lot shorter in softball compared to baseball. Baseball's
base paths
are 90 feet apart! Softballs are 60 feet apart! Softballs base paths make it more interesting because the plays are a lot closer! The outfield walls are also a lot closer. This isn't because of it being girls hitting the ball its because the materials in the ball are not packed as tight so the ball isn't as hard. Since the walls are closer it's a good thing that the softballs are softer because when someone hits a home run the fans don't want to get hurt at a game so the walls being closer is dangerous with a hard ball like a baseball! There's always a chance you can get hurt 1 out of every 500 Softball is better always choose softball!
Softball is #1
If you watch a baseball game then a softball game you will notice a difference in their
pitching motion
. Softball pitchers throw
under hand
and baseball pitchers throw
over hand
. In my opinion softball players have an advantage for batting! Softball has a
release point
that is the same for every pitcher. On the other hand, baseball can have different release points depending on the pitcher. Softball there is always a release point by their hip. But baseball the release point could be in all different places. Therefore softball is better because if you walk up the batter's box with confidence knowing that they can see the ball for a longer period of time you will have a better chance of hitting the ball. Just having that confidence is huge!
"Sometimes it's hard to find confidence for children and even adults. So giving confidence from the way the game is played is already boosting confidence" says John Michael Kelly (America's Sports Confidence Coach). "Your mental approach is the result of the physical approach" says Anthony Castrovince
. That is really true because if you say you can't do something you can't now because you have already given up on yourself!
Softball is better ;)
I think It's Clear.....
Softball is safer, more fun, and the best! It has so many great things about it! But one more thing just remember when you get older yo might still want to play baseball or softball so you will probably play
slow pitch
. But guess what it's slow pitch softball so you will be playing softball! So right now go out and prove that softball is the BEST!
More Information?

For more information on softball and baseball go to..........




Super Softball and Bad Baseball ;)






Base Paths
-the straight-line path from one base to the next, along which a base runner travels while a play
is being made.

Over hand
-throwing motion is a single-handed throw of a projectile where the object is thrown above the shoulder.

Pitching Motion
-the motion used when pitching to the batter

Regulation Baseball
-the smallest a baseball can be is 9 inches in circumfrence

Regulation Softball
- it depends on the age because some kids use an "11 inch" and some use a 12 inch"

Slow Pitch
-softball game which is played with 10 players on each side and in which each pitch must have an arc 3 to 10 feet high and base stealing is not allowed

Under Hand
-a pitching motion where the ball is released by our hip usually in softball

Did you know.....that Babe Ruth wore cabbage under his hat and changed it every two innings?
Baseball field
Softball Field
Did You Know......The longest baseball game in major league history was on May 1, 1920 between The Boston Braves and The Brooklyn Robins. The game lasted 8 hours and 22 minutes, went 26 innings, and was finally called a draw with a score of 1-1.
Q: What was a spider doing on a softball field?

Q: How do athletes stay cool during a game?

Q: What’s the difference between a rain barrel and a bad fielder?

Some More Information
This is the areas where softball is played
where baseball is played
hitting differences
Answers to the Jokes

A. It catches flies

A. They stand near the

A.one catches drops;
the other drops catches
Under hand
over hand
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