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EVPP 337: Potable water in Laos

No description

Nnenna Izegbu

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of EVPP 337: Potable water in Laos

Laos: Potable Water Crisis Background Information Located in southeast Asia (Neighbors: include Thailand, Vietnam, & Myanmar)
Government: People's Democratic Republic of Laos
Landlocked country Major Causes Prevalence of unsanitary water systems.
Implementation of hazardous agricultural techniques Types of Water Systems Used Gravity-fed systems (16%)
Hand pumps (23%)
Dug wells (60%) Slash and Burn Agriculture Occurs in mountainous regions of Laos.
Soil Erosion/Degradation (Land)
Deforestation (Land)
Salination/Siltation (Water) Policy Solutions Creating a water monitoring program within Laos (Promotes access)
Increase public awareness-sanitation (risks/benefits)
Setting stringent standards for water quality
Incentive programs for each community Since 2008 much progress has been made: Asia Foundation--Water Quality Monitoring Program. Map of Laos *Percent of waterborne illness AND REMEMBER.... As long as we stay committed the future will be bright!
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