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The effects of tourism on Malham, UK

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aliza kazmi

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of The effects of tourism on Malham, UK

The Effects of Tourism on Malham, UK
negative economic effects
The employment in shops that cater for the tourists is seasonal and poorly paid
The increase of house prices makes it very difficult for the locals, especially young couples, to buy property in the area
Old buildings have been altered into new ones that cater more for the tourists, which results in a loss of ‘community spirit’ and could gradually lead to a decline in the resident population
Shops to become ‘tourist based’ can also cause conflict with local residents who can lose out by having local shops only satisfy the tourists and not them
Positive Environmental effects
Negative environmental effects
positive EC0nomic Effects
Positive social effects
Negative social effects
Starter summary
Tourism has created more demand for local services such as public transport
E.g. The use of the bus to Skipton during the summer is a lot more common
This releases pressure on the car park at Malham, and it can be used by local residents to get into Settle to do their shopping
The national trust also runs a shuttle bus service from Settle to Malham on weekends and Bank holidays throughout the summer, which reduces the amount of cars on the road and traffic jams, therefore there is less stress for the people of Malham, as well as the tourists
Tourists require specific facilities such as souvenir shops, cafés and restaurants that allows local business activity to take place, which can provide additional local employment and income e.g. Cove Centre & The Buck Inn
In 1991 55% of the houses in Malham were used for holiday purposes
A higher demand for property has led to their prices being approximately 15% higher than properties in less popular rural areas of Yorkshire
The farmer at Town Head Farm has opened a campsite charging £10 per night and he also allows people to park their cars in his farmyard for £3 a day - this reduces the negative impact of areas suffering from the depression in farming
Malham is situated in the Yorkshire Dales National Park meaning that it is protected by the laws of the park which restrict development that is not keeping with the natural environment
In 1994 the creation of the open access area and additional footpaths, through the countryside Stewardship scheme in partnership with local farmers and landowners, means that locals as well as tourists have more rights to roam over their local area
The creation of additional footpaths and open access area causes problems for some farmers as tourists do not stay on the path causing erosion; they climb on the stone walls and their dogs worry the farmers’ sheep
Malham is very popular with between 75,000 and 100,000 visits per year
This causes erosion of footpaths, especially the footpath to Janet’s Foss - a waterfall and one of the closest attractions to the village

Path leading to Janet's Foss water fall
A cafe in Malham, an example of building alteration to
accommodate tourists
Traditional village public houses, such as the Buck Inn show have become themed destroying their authentic nature as well as discouraging the locals
Increased noise levels, disturbance and loss of privacy can all be due to the tourists
Problems for farmers and landowners include: increase in trespass; damage from walls being climbed; disturbance of stock and vandalism
Visitors tend to park in the narrow village streets causing congestion
The local residents are prevented from going about thier necessary activities and access for emergency vehicles is severely restricted

Malham is a village in North Yorkshire, England (Europe)
Holiday: Backpacking/Adventure

Malham Cove

Janet’s Foss

Malham Tarn

Goredale Scar
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