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Sports in 2000-2010

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matt phillips

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Sports in 2000-2010

Only two teams have won more than 121 regular season games during 2000 – 2010.The New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts have averaged over 11 wins per season for 11 seasons.The team with the most wins is the Patriots with 126 followed closely by the Colts with 125. The Patriots finished 2010 strongly with 14 wins, but the Colts did not beat their own average with only 10 wins.What’s remarkable is that only 4 teams (Pats, Colts, Steelers, and Eagles) have averaged over 10 wins per season.
Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
In a decade where England, Spain and Italy established their dominance in the market, footballers salaries skyrocketed and record transfer fees were broken time.Some positions like the sweeper are virtually extinct while some like the 'defensive midfielder' or 'Makelele role' as the British media came to dub it have risen in prominence this decade.Tactics have changed (and the modern 4-3-3 formation I've gone with reflects this), the world has changed, even the competitions footballers play in have changed somewhat too but football in many ways remains the same.
Steroids in baseball took a huge impact in 2000-2010. The players try new drugs so no one knows what is going to happen to there body. In 2004, they started the drug tests.When a player is taking steroids it can make many different parts of his game better, such as their bat speed, hand eye coordination, and even their confidence. It allows the player to train longer and harder than they usually can.
As this decade comes to a close, it only seems fitting to honor baseball's best players of the past 10 years.These players represent the finest that baseball has to offer.
These are athletes who did not reportedly abuse performance enhancing drugs.

These players are Curt Schilling, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, Derek Jeter, Scott Rolen, Magglio Ordonez, Torii Hunter, Luis Gonzalez,
Sports in 2000-2010
Basketball and baseball
Football & Soccer 2000-2010
Sports in 2000-2010
Basketball in 2000-2010 there
was a lot of NBA hall of fame caliber players. Laker dynasties book-ended the decade, while Tim Duncan's Spurs quietly piled up championships. The new generation is seven footers wanting to shoot threes and handle the ball.
Top sports moments
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