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My Perfect Valentine

This presentation is dedicated to my one and only. <3

cherry kate reuyan

on 27 September 2015

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Transcript of My Perfect Valentine

My Troy

How it all began...
looks familiar?
Looks familiar?
Everything started with a simple "Hi".
And then we just clicked!
You were so sweet to me and I can't help myself from liking you. We continued talking until such time, for some reasons, we decided to use another mobile messaging application :)
The most special mobile messaging app for me. Here, we had our most heartwarming conversations. We even confessed our feelings for each other here on Viber. All the words you've said to me will always remain in my heart baby <3
And I still remember that time you told me that you're coming over just to see me and then I just went like "OMG! As in Oh My Gooseneck!" :O
And then you confessed something to me :)
Everything was going so well until...
Then I sent you one of my songs which I think, made me a bit attractive in your eyes :D
So we talked on Skout and agreed to use another mobile messaging application.
The moment I've read your email, I didn't understand what I was feeling. I was so overwhelmed because you sounded so upset about not being able to contact me. I've never felt so important to someone before.
I suggested that we should use WeChat as an alternative and gladly, you agreed with the idea.
We continued talking on here until such time, you asked me if I wanted to see you through a video call! :O
I was so excited that time because I could finally get to see you "live"! Haha I actually wanted to see you even before you asked me but I was just so conscious about how I would look in front of the camera as what I always tell you...
But you managed to take all my insecurities away :)
WeChat is just as memorable as Viber because we made so many promises on here. We even had a few serious conversations on the application.
Despite the fact that you knew about the stuff that some other Filipinos have been doing, you still didn't think any less of me.
And that's what made me love you even more. You never judge <3
Other than that, you've told me the most thoughtful things on WeChat which has totally swept me off my feet :)
January 07, 2014
Mark the date!
Not only that! We shouldn't forget about my baby's promotion! ^^
(This was when Viber has finally worked well on your phone)
January 11, 2014
You finally reactivated your Facebook account! Congratulations! Haha just playing baby ^^
Facebook has been so useful in terms of our communication especially when I'm out and there's no wifi, here goes Facebook to the rescue! :D
We also used Facebook in exchanging images, quotes, links of silly videos and especially songs which truly melts my heart every time <3
It's Gotta Be You
Pretty Baby
Dangerously In love
Cater 2 U
Got Your Back
Littlest Things
My Love
Never Gonna Leave Your Side
If You're Not The One
Perfect Two
Us Against The World
Balay Ni Mayang
Forever and Always
Match Made in Heaven
Little House
Best I Ever Had
Tonight (Best You Ever Had)
Hold On We're Going Home
This Distance
Thank You For Loving Me
I Swear
I'll Make Love To You
The Moon
Kiss me
The A Team
Kiss Me Slowly
Still Into You
January 21, 2014
I've finally posted a photo of my baby! :)
January 22, 2014
You made this beautiful poem for me. The most overwhelming act someone has ever done for me. I was immensely moved considering that it requires a lot of effort in doing this.
Then time came when we decided to use Skype instead of WeChat for our video calls.

Kisses Down Low
Body Party
Out of My League
Somebody's Me
You Da One
So we've been using Skype in video calling from then on twice a day, everyday. ^^
The road so far...
Baby, out of all the photos and quotes we've sent and said to each other, these are some of my favorites that I want you to remember.
I am so proud of you baby! I really am :*

We've also watched a few movies together
We finally publicized our relationship hunni! You made me really happy! ^^
And this is my message for my baby...
We've been together for a month and seven days now. Our journey has just begun yet it feels like we have known each other for a very long time already. It's so incredible and unbelievable how we have a lot in common which is one of the major reasons why we got along really well in such a short period of time.
February 07, 2014
Our very first month anniversary! ^^ I really wasn't expecting that you would do something for me baby. It really moved me when you said you had a surprise for me. Thank you so much my sweetie pie :*
One month down, an eternity to go <3
I know I've already told you how I consider myself so lucky for having you and I will never get tired of telling you this over and over and OVER again.
(So that you won't ever forget).
Baby, I couldn't really imagine how my life would turn out if I haven't met you and you've made such a big difference now that you're in it. You made me believe in some things I never used to believe in and you made me feel so much love when in fact I've never even felt this strong emotions towards anyone before.
Troy, I want you to always remember that I could never picture myself being with someone else. If I were to choose on who I would be spending the rest of my life with, it'll always be with you.
Even if I get to live another lifetime, I would still choose you.
I wanna grow old with you
I want you to see baby that you're the only one who occupies my whole heart.
I love you so much Troy :*
Happy Valentine's Day!
Up until now, I still find it hard to think how I managed to capture your heart. It is indeed so unexpected, incredible and awesome all at once.
How have I been so lucky? ^^
To be continued...
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