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Article II

No description

Joey Amaba

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Article II

Article II

The Philippines, a democratic and republican state
manifestation of democratic and republican state
(article 3).
(article 6, section 1)
(article 6, section 26)
(article 11)
(article 16 section 3)
Sovereignty of the people
see(article 11 section 1

Right to revolt
Section 2
Renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy
see (article 6, section 23(1)
Adoption of the generally accepted principles of international law as part of our law
Adherence to the policy of peace, etc., with all nations.
Section 3
Supremacy of civilian authority over the military
Armed forces of the Philippines
Section 4
Prime duty of the Government
Defense of the state by the people against foreign aggression
Military and civil service by the people
Section 5
Maintenance of peace and order, etc.
(article XVI, Sec. 6
Section 6
Principles of separation of church and state
Meaning of establishment of religion clause
No hostility towards religion
State Policies
Section 7
Foreign Policy Of The Philippine
1. An Instrument of Domestic Policy
2. Pursuit Of An Independent Foreign Policy
3. Paramount Consideration
Section 8
Subject to Exemption
see. Art. XVIII, sec. 25
As an Absolute Ban
Section 9
Just a dynamic and social order
1. Policies Necessary to be pursued, see Art. XII sec. III
2. Solving the Problem of the Poverty
Section 10
Social Justice , see art XIII
Section 11
Human Dignity and Human Rights, see Art, XIII, Social Justice
Section 12
Strengthening the Family as the Basic Autonomous Social Institutions, see Art.XV
Right to life of the unborn from the conception of the mother
Rearing the You for the civic efficiency and development of moral character
1. A duty of both parents and government
2. Right of the state to interfere with education of the children
3.State and parents obligation
4. Duty Of the state to encourage educational Institution
Section 13
Role of the youth in nation building
1. Today's youth tomorrow's future
2. Duty of the state
3. Today's youth Tomorrow's leader
Section 14
Role or the women in nation building
1. proven capabilities of Filipino women
2. Expansion on women's Role
3. Equality of Men before the Law
Section 15
Right of the people to health, see art. XIV, sec. 11 - 13
Section 16
Right of the people to a balance and healthful ecology, see. art. XII, sec. 3
1.Causes of environmental degradation
2.Effect's on quality of life
3.Relationship between development and environment
Section 17
Priority to education, science and technology, arts, culture and sports
Section 18
Labor as a social economic force. see art. XIII, Sec. III
Sction 19
Self- reliant and independent on national economy, see art. XII, sec.I
Section 20
Role of the private sector in economy, art. XII, sec. VI,(art. XII, sec.1,2,6,10,17,and 18.
Section 21
Comprehensive development and agrian reform. see art XIII, sec 4 to 8 ( Art. XII, sec I.
Section 22
Right of the Indigenous cultural communities
See.art. XVI, sec. 12
Section 23
Non governmental community based on sectoral organization
Section 24
Vital role of communication and information
1.Formation of enlightened citizenry
2. Promotion of efficiency and economic in government
3. Development of society
Section 25
Autonomy of local governments
See, Art. X
Section 26
Equal access to opportunities for public service
art, X,sec. 8
1.Limition and terms of the office
2.Prohibiton of Political Dynasty
3.Prohibiton constitutionally mandated
Section 27
Honesty and integrity of public service
1. The perrenial problem of the graft and curruption
2. Ways to attack problem
3. Needs for Honesty and integrity in public service
Section 28
Full discourse by the sate of all its transaction
1.Duty of the sate, art. III, sec 7
2.Transaction covered, art III, sec 7
Submitted to: Gregg Galgo
Submitted by: Amaba, Joey
: Pagapong Arcel Gydel
Manlubatan, Welvin
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