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Lancaster, England

The Place I Want to Live

Chelsea Tudor

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Lancaster, England

Lancaster, England Location Population Patterns Measures of Quality of Life Meaningful Measures 8N Rm# 207 Community Patterns: Population Distribution: Life Expectancy: My measure of interest is mobile cellular per capita. I did expect the UK would have more than Canada but I didn't know it would be such a difference.
UK; approx 132.21 mobile cellular per capita
Canada; approx 75.98 mobile cellular per capita

My next measure of interest is the amount of internet users per country. Canada has approx 26 960 000 internet users whereas the UK has approx 51 444 000 internet users. Again this difference was expected because of the population difference. By; Chelsea Tudor <3 Where I Want To Live Situation: Site: Did You Know... Positives; Negatives; -in the UK they only use 5643k of electricity per person while in Canada we use 15 880k
-the UK consumes 58.32% less electricity
-the United Kingdom spends 23.36% less money on health care -life expectancy in Canada is 81 years old while in the UK it is 79, that's a 2 year difference
-the United Kingdom makes 8.33% less money, Canada makes $38 400, while the UK makes $35 200 per person Population Changes: England has a population density calculated to be 406.54 people per km squared (406.54/km2 ). This would be classified as high density. Population Density The population of England is 53,013,000 people. knowing that Lancaster has a high population density of 406.54 people per km squared means that the population distribution would be clustered. Birth Rate- the birth rate for the UK is approx 12.27 children per 1000 population
Death Rate- the death rate for the UK is approx 9.33 deaths per 1000 population
Immigration-the immigration per year in the UK is approx 5 408 000, where as Canada has approx 250 000 people per year
Net Migration-the total net migration of the UK itself is approx 2.17 migrants per 1000 population
Emigration-for the UK the emigration rate is approx 137 000 people per year Lancaster, England 53,013,000/130,400km2=406.54 total size of England in km2 Lancaster is situated on the River Lune and off of the Lancaster Canal. A feature near by would be the Williamson park. Close to other cities such as Morecambe, and Bolton-le-sands. River Lune -can be used as a major transportation route Lancaster Canal - another major
route Williamson Park Williamson park consists of features such as fountains and sculptures, the Ashton Memorial, butterfly house, a cafe, a children's play area, the Lancaster sundial, and a temple known as the folly. Lancaster is an Urban site. Lancaster is made up of mostly residential and building areas, but it does have a few parks and open spaces. Literacy: Living Standard The life expectancy for the UK (which is where Lancaster is located) is 79 years of age. Lancaster, England has access to water and food. Life expectancy in Canada is 81. I infer it is higher because the UK actually pays less on health care which means quality in health care could be worse. Lancaster, England has good mix of land uses such transportation routes( rivers and canals), parks and open spaces( Williamson Park),residential housing, institutional(schools and Ashton Memorial, and commercial(stores). Lancaster has their own University and this can give many opportunities for kids to grow up having an education, and leaving with a good chance of getting a job. The UK also has a better chance of being employed than Canada so that adds to their chances. The GDP per capita(person) for the United kingdom is approx $35 200, whereas Canada is approx $438 400. I would have thought the UK would have been higher because they have a larger population. Most homes in the UK are old, but well maintained. Measures of Interest
In the UK they make 8.33% less money than you would in Canada, yet there is a 5.88% better chance of being employed. I think it is interesting that the UK has a higher employment rate yet makes less money.
I also find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that the United Kingdom uses 64.47% less electricity and 58.23% less oil when their population is greater than Canada's. Final Comments I think I would definitely enjoy living in Lancaster England because the scenery is amazing and everything is on the water.I think I would enjoy being around that all of the time.
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