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Sarah Phillips

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Landforms

Landforms 3.G.1.2
What are Landforms?
A mountain is a place on Earth’s surface that is much higher than the land around it.
A valley is a lowland area between higher lands such as mountains.
A canyon is a deep valley with very steep sides.
Landforms are the natural shapes or features called landforms.

There are many different types of landforms found on the earth.
A plain is a flat area on Earth’s surface.
A plateau is a flat area higher than the land around it.
An island is land that is completely surrounded by water.
A lake is water that is completely surrounded by land.
Oceans are the largest bodies of water on earth.
A coast is the area where the ocean touches the land.
A desert is a hot dry place with little or no rainfall.
A river is a long flowing body of water.
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