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Sparrow Road

No description

emma vaughan

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Sparrow Road

Sparrow Road

Sparrow Road- Climax
The climax of sparrow road is when Raine O'Rouke finds out her true past. Gray told Raine about how he lost her in the park.He said that he took her to the park and got a drink.He then passed out on a park bench and lost Raine.She was later found in a alley crying.When Raine heard this she ran and cried in a field.Diego and Viktor later found her.
Thanks for viewing!
Sparrow Road-setting
The main setting was at Sparrow Road.Sparrow road used to be an orphanage,so there are hundreds of old beds in the attic.Sparrow road is a place in the country that is now a place for artists to "escape".There is a lake at Sparrow road along with an old barn.The closest town to Sparrow Road is a small town called Comfort
Sparrow Road-Character
The main character in Sparrow Road is Raine O'Rourke.Raine is telling the entire story about her time at Sparrow Road.She is 12 years old and she probably look like the picture to the right.Her mom is Molly O'Rourke but Raine calls her mama through out the story.Her long lost father is Gray James who lives in Comfort.Her grandpa's name is never said but she calls him Grandpa Mac,He is Molly's father.The artists at Sparrow Road are Josie,Diego,Lillian,and Eleanor.The man that brought Raine and Molly to Sparrow Road is Viktor.
Raine and her mother unexpectedly move to sparrow road.When Raine learns that she can't talk until Sunday and at dinner because she can't disturb the artists.Raine meets Lillian,Diego,Josie,and mean Eleanor(Eleanor doesn't like Raine because she doesn't get to bring her kids to Sparrow Road).Raine later finds out that she is at Sparrow Road to meet her dad (her mother and grandpa always told her that she didn't have a dad.Gray James (Raine's long lost dad) tells Raine why he never got to see her.He said that he drank to much and he could never see her,not on her birthday,christmas,never.After Raine heard this she ran and cried in a field. A few days after this Josie and Raine host an art extravaganza.The art extravaganza went as planned.A little before the art extravaganza ended Josie called up for the orphans who lived at Sparrow Road.The orphans who came all thanked Lillian for her work.


The main theme of Sparrow Road is things aren't always as they seem.I think the theme is this because Raine's summer was almost not anywhere close to what she thought it would be like.For example,Raine thought that Viktor was really mean but he was actually a very nice man,he was the reason Raine got to meet Gray James.
Sparrow Road-Conflict
Written bye Sheila O'Connor
Presentation bye Emma Vaughan and Holly Wheeler

The main problem Raine has through
out the story is Viktor's rules.His rules are
silence till dinner,no silence on Sunday,and
no electronics.These rules are very hard
for Raine because she can't imagine life
without a TV.Deigo teaches Raine how to
day dream and that it would help her.
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