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INTR 332 Group Presentation

No description

Janos Novits

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of INTR 332 Group Presentation

Shanghai •International Sourcing. How does the company choose international suppliers? Janos Novits Lambert Herchenroder Manon Kafara INTR-332 International Logistics Group Project Presentation Case Company by Core production cladding PXS 01 component Chinese subsidiary Shipment FOB
by suppliers OUTSOURCING TRANSPORTATION JHJ Based in Paris, France Produces $500 million in roof tile & terracotta wall cladding per year. • Parent company to Ludowici / San Marco. Largest clay product offering in industry In business for over 100 years Locations 26 factories 3 for cladding Offer 60 000 pieces available FOB Issuance of Bill of Lading Once core products are produced and components arrived in France, VAT over customs
JHJ total amount: 5 224e
JHJ total amount exclude duty and VAT: 1611e
Banssard: 3 614e Participants in Supply Chain Core Product Know How + + Small Components Where? What? Why? Low costs No intermediaries present Direct Purchase by Subsidiary in Shanghai Supply Chain Case study Timeline Tender Announcement Customer Dallas municipality USA Seller/Implementer Terreal France Supplier Ningbo Shangai CHINA Cladding Type Square Footage Starting date of the process Participants of Project Dallas Latino Cultural Center by Zephir 18,000 June 2011 Accepted 60 000 pieces Order of August 2011 13 140.00 euros ! 30% paid in Swift to Ningbo Costs: B/L 45e FOB + Freight + Insurance + ENS
13 202e Import tax (6,5% x 13 202e)
= Port in France 14 060e Port of Shanghai Custom value Customs duty Arrival 14 060 x 19,6% = 2 755,70e value + customs duty taking care of customs Costs Total Costs Overall goods are ready to be shipped to USA Dallas to Terreal Terreal to suppliers Goods arrive to Dallas after domestic freight Beginning of the construction January 2011 February 2011 March 2011 August 2011 Main Freight Shanghai to Fos (France) September 2011 October 2011 December 2011 June 2012 Thank you for your attention! End of the Construction Payments Customers JHJ Transporter Customs Ningbo China Architects Final Customers trough buildings, infrastructure Promoters Wholesalers
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