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New France vs. New Netherlands

No description

John Graff

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of New France vs. New Netherlands

New France vs. New Netherlands
By: John Graff 6-D

Basic Settler
Native Relations
New France
(French Colony)
New Netherlands
(Dutch Colony)
Two Colonies in the New World
Dutch West India Company
New France
New Netherlands
Fishing Center
Conversion of Indians
Mapping upper St. Lawrence Region
Private Business Venture of Dutch West India Company
Fur Trading
New France
New Netherlands
Privateers disrupt Spanish trade and shipping
King appointed council and governor
Rules in name of king
Rules harsh in town
Dutch West India Company appointed Governor "Director General" and council of five
Patroon System
Land owner owned large tracks of land
Required to establish settlement of a least 50 families
New France
New Netherlands
Must be Roman Catholic
Trappers and woodsmen
Native Americans
Africans-mostly came as slaves
Tenant Farmers
New France
New Netherlands
Allowed any nation or religion into colony
Roman Catholic Church
New France
New Netherlands
Beaver Pelts
Hub between New England and the Caribbean
Beaver Pelts
Many other types of fur
New France
New Netherlands
Less dense population-better Indian relationships
Minuit purchased Manhattan Island from Indians
William Kieft-unfairly taxed Indians
Beginning to farm-take land from Indians
Kieft wipes out Wappinger Indians
Indian tribes declare war
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