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No description

Alex Bray

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Legalization

I am for the legalization of Marijuana because I believe that it will help bring back the economy. Opposition Points:
1) People will get addicted to marijuana.
2) People will get lung cancer from marijuana.
3) People will become lazy from smoking weed all day. Legalization of Marijuana Support for My Stance:
1) It is impossible to become physically addicted to marijuana.
2) Marijuana prohibition is doing nothing. People will smoke whether it is legal or not.
3) The money that people spend on marijuana is going to drug lords.
4) The biggest cash crop in the United States is marijuana and all the money that is spent on it illegally could be going to the government.
5) People who are in pain could buy some cannabis sativa to get it relieved. It is a natural plant.
6) It makes life simple and helps people get along.
7) The world would be much more peaceful with marijuana. Everyone could take a step back from all the stress in their lives with this option.
8) The government could tax marijuana gaining even more sales.
9) Cancer cannot be caused by eating marijuana, or vaporizing the bud.
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