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The American Revolution Timeline

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Claudia Falconieri

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of The American Revolution Timeline

The American Revolution Timeline
The French and Indian War ends in a victory for American Colonists and British troops fighting side by side. Britain decides to keep soldiers in America. To pay for the soldiers to stay, the British Parliament imposes taxes on the colonists.
The Sugar Act states that American colonists have to pay taxes on goods from Britain and other regions. The Stamp Act requires colonists to pay for an official stamp on all newspapers and documents.
The Stamp Act is withdrawn after after violent protests
Tea is taxed under the Townshed Acts. Furious colonists refuse to buy (boycott) British goods.
Bristish Soldiers are stationed in Boston Massachusetts, to control the protests.
The Boston Massacre takes place after British Soldiers are insulted. Five colonists are killed, two instantly. Six injured. The Townshed Acts are withdrawn, but tax on tea remains. Colonists smuggle in cheap tea from Holland.
The Tea Act states that only agents appointed by the British East India Company can sell tea in the colonies. The
, the
, and the
sail into Boston with cargo's of tea.

December 16th, The Boston Tea Party occurs.
The Intolerable Acts result in the blockade of Boston Harbor. More British soldiers arrive.
The first shot of the Revolutionary War is fired in Lexington, Massachusetts. George Washington becomes leader of the Continental Army.
Colonists adopt the Declaration of Independence.
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