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Company Information

No description

Sarah Lynch

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Company Information

Health Matters is an Irish health stores company, with three stores in:

Grafton Street, Crumlin & Bray

They Sell a Range of Products
Digital Strategy
Facebook Page
Consumer Behaviour Theory
Only 1% of sales generated through website

Current targeting strategies are unfocused

SEO is low

Lack of strong brand image
Redevelop website structure

Targeted marketing campaigns

Creating easier consumer interaction online

Creating a symbol to be used in all stores
Increase Health matters online sales by 10%

Continued understanding of target market

Growth in consumers

A recognizable truly Irish brand
Promoting Health Matters
Products and Engaging
with Customers Through
an Instagram page

Smoothie of the Month
’ with unique ingredients that can be found in the Health Matters store or on their website
This will inform consumers of how to live a healthier life through quick, easy to make delicious smoothies
Theory of perception relating to Web-pages

Variables affecting user judgements of a web-page(Oliver 2002)


Health Matters will also repost images of recipes posted by our chosen endorsers, Rob Lipsett and Roz Purcell. This will generate awareness and create a buzz surrounding the Health Matters store.
Increasing concern towards environmental and health issues has led to a rise in buying and consumption of organic food (Smith and Paladino 2010).
Current Website
How to effect consumer perception
We can generate a more positive perception amongst consumers by filtering through the variables
-Aesthetically unpleasing
-Difficulty with navigation
-Poor accessibility and Functionality
Both Roz and Rob are ideal for attempting to promote awareness of the Health Matters store
The use of a celebrity endorser is one of the most popular and beneficial promotional tool used in marketing (Dong et al 2012)

A celebrity endorser is a person who enjoys public recognition and uses it to advertise brands (McCracken 1989)
Kelman’s (1961) Source Credibility Model
Define source credibility as “ the extent to which the recipient sees the source as having relevant knowledge, skill or experience and trust the source to give unbiased, objective information.”
Both Roz and Rob are viewed by the public as being reliable and knowledgeable about their area of expertise, health. Both endorsers currently have a large following and we feel will be assets to Health Matters.

Create Facebook competitions to drive customers to the new website.

Want to win a basket of our new products? Tell us which of our new products for high in Protein

Provide link to the website: www.healthmatter.ie

Create a discussion on Twitter with give away prizes. #WhyMyHealthMatters

@Healthmatters – Tell us why your health matters! Our favoutire tweets will be announced our on website and will win spot prizes! #WhyMyHealthMatters

Create a Youtube channel that will upload weekly videos of different recipes being made.

At the end of the video, offer a 10% discount on all the ingredients from the recipes and direct customers to the website where the bundle of ingredients can be bought at the discounted price
Action Coach,. (2015). 11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base in Four Weeks. Retrieved 23 January 2015, from http://www.actioncoach.com/_downloads/whitepaper-FranchiseRep4.pdf

Dong,-Jenn, Y., Jyue-Yu, L. & Sheng, W. (2012) Transfer Effects: Exploring the Relationship Between Celebrity and Brand, International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 4(4), pp.86-108.

Gehl, D. (2005). 12 Ways to Increase Online Sales. Entrepreneur. Retrieved 23 January 2015, from http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/79002

McCracken, G. (1989) Who is the Celebrity Endorser? Cultural Foundations of the Endorsement Process, Journal of Consumer Research, 16(3), pp.310-321.
Smith, S & Paladino, A. (2010) Eating Clean and Green? Investing Consumer Motivations Towards the Purchase of Organic Foods, Australian Marketing Journal, 18, pp.93-104.

Less than 1% of their gross sales are made through their online website

It was last renovated in 2011

There is a lot of room for improvement to make the website more current and appealing to existing and new customers
Motivation to Avoid Risk

This theory was Initially introduced by (Bauer 1960)

With regards to Health Matters there may be a notion of risk amongst consumers when purchasing more expensive food products compared to supermarket produce

Sports nutrition and supplement brands may also be more expensive or perhaps unknown and therefore more product education is required

We recommend...

Student Discounts

Introducing limited student discounts via codes which will be advertised on the upgraded and new social media sites

This decreases the feeling of risk associated with buying unknown or new products and spreads word of mouth

Offer Rewards for Referral

Providing extra reward points to loyal customers who refer a new customer to purchase a product on their website or sign up to the scheme themselves.

Blending the physical and digital campaign by advertising online activity in store

This generates curiosity amongst consumers, provides further education and motivates the consumer to engage with the brand in both senses

Overall this will

Queries keep customers in stores.

Health Matters main target market are females between the
ages of 25-60. Many customers come to the store with
queries about new health products and are curious to ask
employees about what they would recommend.

We recommend...

Further Highlighting their social media pages on their website t allow customer interaction and queries.

For those customers who do not have a social media page , health Matters should set up forum on their website where customers can post their questions, receive answers from trained employees and also review and provide customer feedback on products.

Schmidt.E.K et al. (2009). Webpage aesthetics, performance and usability: Design variables and their effects. Journal of Ergonomics. 52 (6), 631,642.

Solomon, M. et al, (2013). Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective. 5th ed. Essex: Pearson Education Limited.
Natural Born Feeder is a health blog in which Roz Purcell updates followers about healthy recipes and nutrition tips. The health blog is comprised of various recipes containing many ingredients found in Health Matters.
This affiliation will expand customer reach and generate awareness for Health Matters. Similarly, Rob has a large following on his social media accounts and discusses food and nutrition. Both people are ideal for attempting to promote awareness of the Health Matters store.
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