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Upward Bound Math-Science WTAMU


Juan Gallardo

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Upward Bound Math-Science WTAMU

Upward Bound
Math-Science Upward Bound Math-Science
is a federally funded program
designed to strengthen the math and
science skills of participating
students. What is Upward Bound Math-Science? The mission of UBMS is to prepare
low-income, first-generation students
for a post-secondary degree in the STEM
area (Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Mathematics) through
year-long academically enriched
activities Our Mission All students receive one or more of the following on a weekly basis:
-Academic advisement and academic enrichment activities
-Tutorial assistance in mathematics, sciences, English, technology and foreign language
-Financial literacy
-College entrance-exam counseling
-ACT and SAT preparation
-Assistance in securing financial aid to a university of the student’s choosing Academic Year -Palo Duro High School

-Hereford High School Target Schools Summer Program All participants live on the WTAMU campus in residence halls for five weeks (early June to early July). During this time, students will:
-Attend classes with “hands-on application” activities
in mathematics, sciences, English, technology and
foreign language
-Attend educational workshops and obtain research/
field experience
-Experience living on a university campus
-All expenses are paid, plus students receive a $15
weekly stipend Why should you join Upward Bound Math-Science? Application Process To participate in the Upward Bound Math-Science Program:
-Obtain an application packet from target high school counselor, Mathematics teacher, Science teacher or the Upward Bound Math-Science Office at WTAMU
-Complete the application
-Provide letters of recommendation, three of which must be from current teachers
-Interview with Upward Bound Math-Science Director and/or Outreach Coordinator
-Parents must attend a Parent Interview
Student is notified of acceptance into the program Selection Criteria To participate in the Upward Bound Math-Science Program:
-Student must be classified as one or both of the
following: first generation and/or low income
-Student must have an acceptable grade point average to be considered
-Student must possess a strong desire to attend a
university and major in the STEM field
-Student must complete all parts of the application
process Contact Information Upward Bound Math-Science (806) 651-2351

Yin Pool pypool@wtamu.edu
Juan Gallardo jgallardo@wtamu.edu -Experience "College Life" while in high school
-Exposure to university classroom expectations
-Challenge yourself academically
-Excellent learning environment
-Monthly stipend
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