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When Technology meets the Environment

Green Minded Forum

Angela R

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of When Technology meets the Environment

Shinkansen (Bullet Trains) A network of high speed train lines that connect Tokyo with most of Honshu's major cities. Technology and the Environment Naha-Haebaru Waste Treatment Plant Auto Toilet Rooftop Rainwater Pond Japanese Style When Technology meets the Environment Angela B. Rubilla What is Environmentally Friendly Technology? Technology which has been developed or improved to reduce its detrimental impacts to the environment. ENERGY EFFICIENT
Technologies in
Japan! Shinkansen means "New Trunk Line"
Shinkansen trains go as fast as 300 km/h
Famous for its reliability, punctuality, safety and efficiency Highway Noise Barriers Effective way to mitigate roadway noise sources FEATURES OF THE WASTE TREATMENT PLANT Measures are taken to control hazardous materials in the exhaust gas
Waste water from the plant is reused without discharging it outside
Electric power is generated by using waste heat from incineration Environmental Aspects

Use less water than old toilets
Self-cleaning, more hygienic
Less toilet paper is used RECYCLED WASTE WATER
refers to treated waste water or rain water. Batch Activated Sludge System Okinawa University can save up to
50% of total annual volume of water
on campus. REFUSE
RECYCLE Solar Panels
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