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Marzano - Homework & Practice

No description

Angela Tims

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Marzano - Homework & Practice

Homework & Practice
Marzano Instructional Strategy #4
The Survey Says
- 24 percentile point gain for HS students (based on 60-120 minutes per night)
- .5 increase in GPA for each additional 30 minutes
Student Example (from 2.0 to 2.5)

-Encourage, motivate
-Reinforce the purpose of homework
-Provide a quiet and consistent place
-Reinforce and recognize the effort

Preparing students for new content
Having students elaborate on new knowledge

Know the importance of teacher feedback
Vary the approach to feedback
Specific comments from teacher
Student feedback (i.e. math accuracy chart maintenance by student, reflective questioning, etc.)
Communicate the Purpose
Feedback on Homework
Role of Parent
- Students should be told what kind of feedback they'll receive
NO Surprises!
Room # 835419

Structured around highly familiar content for the student
Reinforcing a familiar skill
For Practice
What % of students complete their homework on a regular basis? What impacts that number?
What are some excuses students give for not doing their homework?
What are some ways to motivate students to complete their homework?
Articulate clear purpose & guidelines
Outline the consequences for not completing
Communicate acceptable parent involvement
Students should be able to articulate the purpose for each particular homework assignment
Rules for Assigning Homework
Meaning & Value
For Preparation or Elaboration
Why do teachers assign homework?
- Amount should be different for Elementary - Middle - High School
Establish & communicate homework policy
Always provide feedback (format can vary)
Design practice assignments that focus on specific elements of a complex skill or process
How can you communicate this to parents and students?
If they were all this anxious...
January 2013
Ticket out of class
Teacher Site - Create Login & Password
JIGSAW Activity
Doesn't just apply to homework...
...all assignments that facilitate practice or preparation/elaboration
have to think about why we assign the work that we do... what are students supposed to LEARN? What is the purpose of the assignment?
Semester Exams
1/2 Days & Work Day Schedule
Budget Deadline
Course Description Book Revisions
Lesson Plans & Other Fusion Updates
4. How will you utilize this new learning within this next month? Set 1 Goal.
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