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My Dream Trip

trip to Austrailia

steph Bechard

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of My Dream Trip

Currency Exange the currency Costa Rica uses is colones $1.00 Canadian is equal to 530.032 colones in Costa Rica My Dream trip to Costa Rica!!! San Jose The flight to Costa Rica will leave at 8:35 in the morning and will be a 8 hour flight. THe flight back will be a 13 hour and 15 minute ride and it will leave at 5:00 in the morning. Flight Continental Airlines
From Detroit to san Jose, Costa Rica, Jaun Santamaria International Airport. Depart-05/10/2010
This flight will only be $408 for a two way ticket!!! The Flamingo Beach Hotel This hotel is in San Jose and it is a four star hotel It has a spa, pool great, beach and alot more This hotel has a speicail price of $129 a night so the total will be $4903.00 for seven nights! The flamingo beach hotel is known through out Costa Rica for having very clean rooms and it is a very safe place! Climate!!! The climate in Costa Rica in the summer is always warm and sunny!!!
It has two season, Verono which is summer, the dry season,and, Invierno, which is winter, the wet season.
I am going in the dry hot summer so the average tempurature is around 87 to 102 degrees farheinhieght!
Safety I will be at the hotel for a while and since the hotel is known to be safe I think I will be fine
Also when i am exploring i will hire a guide. Her name is Sonia and she will guide me around for $10 a day
We also have friends that live there and we can always trust them if I need anything!

Email: s.padilla00@gmail.com
I am Sonia Padilla. I live in San Gerardo de Rivas, next to Mount Chirripo. I am a guide with eight years of experience leading tours to Chirripo and surrounding areas, and I speak English and Spanish. To Do List: Day One:I will be settleing in to my hotel, then the rest of the day at the pool and beach.
Day Two: I will hire Sonia, the guide, and I will explore San Jose, and rent a small boat and venture around small rivers, volcano, and the rain forest!
Day Three: I will visit our old friends from Costa Rica. Then Lounge around their houses and pools and the beaches their.It will be a $4 bus ride.
Day Four: I will go shopping in the stores and flee-markets there!
Day Five: Go to the spa, arcade, gym, and pool at the hotel. Then the other half of the day i will go see the animals of Costa Rica from a walk in a trail in the forest!
Day Six: I will go site seeing and mountain seeing.
Day Seven: I will be going to the beachfro half of the day then souvineer shopping for the other half. Then leave for home the next day!!! Eating In Costa Rica Most of the time I will be dining in the Arena's resturant in the hotel. It has indoor and outdoor dining from 5 in the morning to 9 at night!
For one of the days I can eat at Guss's house and another day at George's.
Also these restaurants all around my hotel in San Jose:
Park Cafe
Machu Picchu
Grano De Oro

Languages Spanish
English The End :)
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