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A look into the life of Michelangelo

Alexis Peterson

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Michelangelo

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free" ~Michelangelo Born March 6, 1475 in Caprese, Italy
Died February 18, 1564 in Rome, Italy Early Life and Familia Father~ Lodovico Buonarroti was a Florentine government agent.
Mother~ Francesca Neri died when he was six years old. Mingling with Medicis From his childhood, Michelangelo was drawn to the arts. He was often beaten by his father and uncles as punishment for drawing instead of studying. Influences and Teachers When his son was 13, Michelangelo's father finally gave in and allowed the boy to apprentice Domenico Ghirlandaio, a popular Florence painter. After a year of unsuccessful learning, Ghirlandaio sent his pupil to Bertoldo de Giovanni, a great sculptor, who worked in the Medici Palace. One day, Lorenzo de Medici walked into the garden to find Michelangelo sculpting a mask. Offering small criticisms, the Medici heir was surprised at the young artist's attention to detail. Some of his Works David (1501-1504) Pieta (1499) 18 feet tall and anatomically correct! Sistine Chapel (1508-1512) The Last Judgement (1531-1534) Painted on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel! From this point on, Michelangelo was regarded as Italy's greatest living artist! Style and Technique Late Italian Renaissance
Scale Projects
Poetry Following the completion of The Last Judgement, most of Michelangelo's works were started, but never finished. Fresco painting (painting on wet plaster)
People (usually nude)
Life-size portraits
Scenes from the Bible Impact and Death After 1545, he began to sculpt two Pietas, one of which was meant for his own tomb! He became ill during the completion of the second sculpture, and both went unfinished. Michelangelo died on February 18, 1564 and was buried in Florence. Michelangelo was a fantastic artist of his time, and he can be credited to influencing many artists following him. He will live on in his works forever. Even through a certain creator of nautical nonsense But in between... Holy Family (1503-1505) The Prophet Jeremiah
(1508-1512) Martyrdom of St. Peter
(1546-1550) Coversion of Saul (1542-1545) Vigin and Child with
St. John and Angels
(after 1530) Entombment
(1510) World Events He lived during the Renaissance He also lived while da Vinci was alive
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