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OPW Presentation

Online Project Work

Zhi Yuan Lim

on 11 September 2011

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Transcript of OPW Presentation

The parade square is normally used for morning assembly. The unique thing about this place is that it has a very large space available. It can house all 4 levels. Because of its large space, students can carry out their activities there and play games like captain’s ball there.
The strengths of the parade square

The parade square is in the open air. Here, it would not be as stuffy and humid as in the classrooms. The band members can practice there as it would not be very loud in the open air. Also, the parade square is a place where the uniform group CCAs conduct their training. Besides being in the open air, the place is also quite large. It is bigger there as compared to the cramp classrooms where activities requiring big spaces cannot be conducted.
Area for improvement

However, we feel that the parade square lacks shelter. It can be quite inconvenient if it was to rain. For example, if it rains in the morning, then morning assembly would be held either in class of in the hall due to the wet floor. By having a shelter there, the place can be available at all times, be it rain or shine.
Changes we made
-We added glass to the sky feature.
-We extended the sky feature.
-We made a bigger stage
-We added a ramp
Jonathan Sze (15)
Lee Ken Wei (19)
Sean Lee (20)
Tan Siu Boon (36)
OPW Project
1. We drew lots and our group got the parade square.
2. We went off to the parade square to evaluate the place's conditions, problems and advantages.
4. We went for a Google Sketchup workshop by Innova Security Solutions Pte Ltd.
3. There was a briefing on the sequence of events.
5. As weeks passed by, we learnt more complicated tools.
6. Next, we started to take the measurements of the parade square.
7. After taking down the measurements, we started on the modelling
8. During our modelling, we faced some problems, like not knowing how to model the sky feature.
Any Questions???
9.But with the help from our trainers and with the use of 3D text we overcame that problem.
So after hours of working on the computer...
...we got our final model
Done BY
And most importantly
But it would have been
impossible without the
help from our trainers
from Innova Security
Solutions Pte Ltd
Thank You
Nil Sine Labore!
Lim Zhi Yuan (23)
Problems we faced
How we overcame them
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