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My story at UWSP

No description

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of My story at UWSP

Find employment
Arrive On Campus
Get involved
their Mission
The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is recognized for its preparation of students and development of citizens who will affect local, regional, and global affairs and engage with the concerns of the world.
UWSP will equip you to take on the world and realize
The whole world is pretty big...
Maybe I need to start small...
Cameroon, Africa
So you can go ...
And do this!
To explore more go to:

Find Community
Gain Professional and Leadership skills
Germany has more than 700 zoological gardens wildlife parks, aquariums, bird parks, animal reserves, and safari parks. Berlin is home to the larges zoo in the world with more than 1,500 species and 14,000 in animal population.
There are two new cooking books published everyday in France. They also make over 300 kinds of cheese.
58 million tourists visit Spain every year.
This makes it the fourth most visited country in the world.
During the rest of the presentation we will guide you through stories and experiences of students at the University Of Wisconsin Stevens Point.
Prezi provides the unique opportunity to investigate areas that you are specifically interested in.

To give you practice in your exploring, you get to travel Europe a little.

To explore you can use the scroll ball on your mouse to zoom in and out. To move about, use the arrow to click and drag.
Your adventure is before you, see if you can find all the interesting hidden facts for each country.
Ready, Set, EXPLORE ...
When finished press the next arrow
The Adventure Begins
At any point you are encouraged to investigate and explore. Look into specific areas and hear/read more stories from students at UWSP.
This symbol means that there is more than meets the eye...
Through strategic themes, goals, and action steps, we will uphold our mission, honor our values, and realize our vision.
I want to impact
& the world
my community
What tools do I need?
How do I start?
Where do I start?
Student Organizations
Academic & Career
American Chemical Society
American Institute of Graphic Arts
American Soc of Interior designers
American Water resources Association
American Society of Biochemistry (ASBMB-UAN)
Assoc of Art Historians & Scholars
Assoc of Information Tech Prof
Chiropractic Club
Economic club of UWSP
Enactus - UWP chapter
Environmental Educators & Naturalists Assoc
Fire Crew (UWSP_
Fisheries Society
French Club
German Club
Herpetology Society
Historical Preservation Student Soc
History Club
Ichthyology and Aquarium Science
IES; Illuminating Engine Soc of North AM
Intern. Interior Design student Assoc
Izaak Walton League
Math Club UWSP
MANRRS - Minorities in Natural Resources
National Student Speech, Hiring, Language Association
National Wellness Institute-Student Chapter
Park & Recreation Assoc
Pharmacy Club of UWSP
Philosophical Soc of UWSP
Pre-Dental Club
Pre-Medicine Club
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Society
Psychology Club
Psychology Peer Mentoring Program
Public Relations Student Soc of America
Ranger Club of UWSP
Save the Frogs!
Scholar society of UWSP
Sign Language Club
Soc for Ecological restoration
Soc for HR management
Soc of Ethnobiology Soc of Physics Students
Socially & Social work organization
Soil & Water conservation society of American
Spanish Club
Sports Medicine Club of UWSP
ST PT Assoc of Family and Consumer Science
Student Council for Exceptional Children
Student Council for Social studies
Student fiances association
Student Law enforcement Association
Student League Society
Student Soc of Arboriculture
Student WI education Association
Student for Heath, ANTHL, PHY ED & Rec
Swamp (Wetland Protection)
Tech Assoc of Pulp & Paper Industry
University Council of Family Relations
University Writers
Wast Management Society
Wildlife Society
Wisconsin Camps
Women in Natural Resources
New Point News
Pointer (Campus Newspaper)
Student Television
Toastmasters International WWSP90-FM Radio Station
American String teacher's Acssoc
Any Swing Goes
Arts Alliance
Carlsten Gallery Student Adv Comm
Choral Vision
Dancers of Shaharazad
Filmmakers club
horn club
Jazz society of UWSP
Low Bass club
MTNA collegiate chapter of UWSP
National Association for music education-collegiate
Natural science Illustration & graphics
Opera Club of UWSP percussion club
Players (University theater)
Beta Beta Beta
Delta Omicron
Geo Club
Kappa Delta Pi
Omicron Delta Kappa
Phi Eta Sigma
Phi Sigma Tau
Pi Sigma Alpha
Psi Chi
Sigma Mu Tau
Sigma Tau Delta
Xi Sigma Pi
American Indian Science & Eng. society
American Indians Reacho for OPP
Black Student Union
Chinese Culture Club
Hmong & South East Asian American Club
International Club
Kentoanime Society
Latino Student Alliance
South Asia Society
Angelic Praise Association
Diamond Way Buddhist Group
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
Islamic Student Association
Latter-Day Saints
Newman Catholics Student Association
Peace Lutheran Student Fellowship
Unitarian Universalists
Wesley Society
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran (WELS)
Residence Hall Related
Baldwin Hall Gov.
Burroughs Hall Gov.
Hansen Hall Gov.
Knutzen Hall Gov
May Roach Hall Gov.
National Residence Hall Honorary
Neale Hall Gov.
Pray-Sims Hall Gov.
Smith Hall Gov.
Steiner Hall Gov.
Thomson Hall Gov.
Watson Hall Gov.
Recreational Organizations
Adventure Racing Club UWSP
Big Dawg Fishing
Boxing Club
Competitive Dance Team
Cycling Club
Disc Golf Club
Fly-Fishing Club
Golf Team
Judo Club
Marathon Runners of UWSP
Men's Lacrosse
Paintball Club
Soccer Club of UWSP
SKI and Snowboard
Stevens Point Rugby Football Club
Taekwondo Club of UWSP
Ultimate Frisbee Club
University Archery Club
UWSP Tennis Club
Volleyball Club
Water-ski Club
Women's Lacrosse Club
Women's Rugby Football Club
Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club
Campus Girl Scouts
Habitat for Humanity
Invisible Children
Kiwanis Circle K
Lincoln Hills Poetry Project
Pointer Optimist Club
Social Greek Organizations
Delta Phi Epsilon (Sorority)
Gamma Phi Delta (Sorority)
Inter-Greek Council
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (Fraternity)
Phi Omega (Sorority)
Phi Sigma Phi (Fraternity)
Sigma Tau Gamma (Fraternity)
Tau Kappa Epsilon (Fraternity)
Theta XI (Fraternity)
Special Interests
Alliance of Non-Traditional Students
Animal Behavior Club
Chess Club
College Democrats
College Feminists
College Republicans
Colleges Against Cancer
Comparative Religion Club
Conceal and Carry
Daisho Con
Falcon's Gate
Game Ops
Gamers Alliance
Gender & Sexuality Alliance
League of Legends
Photography Club
Pointers for Life
Promoting Awareness Through Victim Empowerment
Sigma Alpha Pi
Students Legal Society
Students for Democratic society
Students for sustainable communities
Students Alumni association
Sustainable agriculture in communities
United nations Student Organizations
Veterans Club
Video Game Enthusiasts
Student Governance
Residence Hall Association (RHA)
Student Government Association (SGA)
{Click the next arrow to start}
Undergraduate Research Symposiums
Athletic Training Program
ROTC Program
Concert Band Performance
College of Fine Arts & Communication
College of Letters and Sciences
College of Natural Resources
College of Professional Studies
Undergraduate Research
Research as an undergraduate is not just a dream but a reality.
Every year students are able to present their research.
Follow this link to look at last years program:
For More Information:
For More Information:
Student Employment
There are more than 249 students are employed with the University Centers which are the Student Union, Recreational Center, intramurals, programs services, and so much more!
Dinning is run by students for students and employs more than 425 students a year.
"Working for the Centers has giving me real life experience with management. I have been mentored by my boss to develop me into the best manager. Managing students is not that hard"
"My first job was on campus and I was nervous about balancing school work. My boss and co-workers were great about helping me get time off to study or take big tests. It is nice when they all value education and help you out."
"There is no better job than working on campus! They pay you above minimum wage and your co-workers are awesome! When you get the job they know you aren't there long and work with you to develop your skills!"
Thinking back on my story at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point ...
I am now equipped to realize my vision and impact my community. Maybe even change the world.
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