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Chapter 18: Technology Advancement in the Workplace

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Tam Sukanjanapong

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Chapter 18: Technology Advancement in the Workplace

Technology and Advancement in the Workplace The Role of Information Technology Information Technology -hardware and software for creating, processing, storing, and communicating information New technology is changing the workplace by allowing more convenience to the employees Telecommuting a work arrangement that allows employees to work away from the workplace allows workers to work on flexible hours
stays in touch with the company through technology
lack of contact with other workers Wearable Computers small, lightweight computers that workers carry with them workers can work wherever they go Technology in Manufacturing Computer-aided design software for designing products with a computer used with computer-aided manufacturing to design and produce products Expert System a computer software that stores and uses knowledge that a human expert would have in the same subject protect data and databases
airlines, automobile industry, and medical industry use expert system Electronic Information Transfer internet makes it possible to transfer information electronically
The automated teller machine (ATM) process uses a terminal, the bank's network, a computer, and a transaction processing software
ATM user has an ATM account, ATM card, and PIN
PIN is Personal Identification Number that secures an ATM account
Business transaction uses online technology through internet and web browser Virtual Training allows learner to simulate real situation through computers
a computer-run flight simulator allows pilots to learn how to fly aircraft The Internet a collection of tens of thousands of connected computer networks not owned
the internet was made user friendly by the creation of World Wide Web or Web, which is part of the internet
the Internet Society is a nonprofit organization that leads the future of Internet with constructive insight, leadership, and monitoring new technologies Web Browser a program that makes it easier for you to search and retrieve information on the Web Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer are the two most popular Web browsers. Other Types of Link Intranet Extranet a link that allows a company to connect employees with Internet-like technology but closed to public access a link that allows more than one company to access the same information Managing Threats Hacker a person who breaks into computer systems for illegal purposes and vandalizes Web sites, hard drives, and government agencies Privacy Issues Websites often send cookies to your computer pieces of informationabout a computer user, which are stored on your hard drive and accessed by a server when the user connects to a Web site COOKIES software to protect your e-mail and other personal information is available, and it is a good investment VIRUS

a program that infects the computer files by copying itself into those files FIREWALL
a software program that acts as a security wall between your computer and the Internet
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