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Jason China Flipbook Project

By Jason Harward

Brian & Jason Harward

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Jason China Flipbook Project

China Flipbook Project By Jason Harward The Sui Dynasty Dates: 589-618
Most Famous Ruler: Yang Jian
2 Inventions/ Accomplishments: Ended Period of Disunion; all religions thrived
Art/ Architectural: Grand Canal
Illustration on next slide
Problem: The Sui had to reunite China and did it using military force
Report Card
Unity-S- Ambitious work projects begun and disunion was over
Commoners-U- Commoners broke their backs on the Grand Canal
Thesis: The Sui didn't last long, only from 589 to 618, but Yang Jian brought unity back and the Grand Canal was begun. The Tang Dynasty Dates: 618-907
Most Famous Ruler: Taizong
2 Inventions/Accomplishments: Magnetic Compass; Gunpowder
Art/ Architectural: Li Bo and Du Fu wrote beautiful poems
Illustration on next slide
Problem: the Tang dealt with a growing population through agriculture and trade
Report Card
Unity-O- Culture and agriculture thrived
Commoners-S- Improvements in equipment made work easier
Thesis: Over 300 years, the Tang Dynasty achieved greatly in art, agriculture, and inventions while expanding the border of their empire. Grand Canal The Grand Canal, even today, transports many goods in China. Gunpowder Gunpowder was first developed by the Chinese for signals and fireworks. But, when used in firearms, it changed human history. The Song Dynasty Dates: 960-1279
Most Famous Ruler: Emperor Taizu
2 Inventions/ Accomplishments: Paper Money; Movable Type
Art/ Architectural: Creation of Porcelain
Illustration on next page
Problem: The Song had a surplus after trading in China and overland, so they opened sea trade
Report Card
Unity-S- The economy increased and culture flourished
Commoners-O- Many improvements were made in farms to make work easier and produce more
Thesis: During their 300 years as a dynasty, the Song made agriculture better, invented many things, and achieved in art and poetry. Porcelain Porcelain is a beautiful type of pottery. It became so popular to the Western world in trade that it is known as chinaware or just "china" today. The Yuan Dynasty Dates: 1279- 1368
Most Famous Ruler: Kublai Khan
2 Inventions/ Accomplishments: First foreigners to rule China; sparked European interest
Art/ Architectural: Extended Grand Canal and roads and bridges
Illustration on next slide
Problem: The Yuan wanted to trade overland, so they protected the trade routes,
Report Card
Unity-N- Many Chinese disapproved of them
Commoners-U- Heavy taxes; no government spots for Chinese; many revolts
Thesis: Although short, the Yuan dynasty became the first foreign dynasty, expanded roads and the Grand Canal, but their military ambitions led to their demise Mongol weapons and warriors Mongol warriors were fierce and left bloodshed everywhere they went. Mongol swords and bows and arrows spread fear among the villages. The Ming Dynasty Dates: 1368- 1644
Most Famous Ruler: Zhu Yuanzhang
Inventions/ Accomplishments: Restored Great Wall of China; Zheng He sailed a huge fleet
Art/ Architectural: Forbidden City
Illustration on next slide
Problem: Emperor wanted more power so he gave officials less and used examinations to appoint censors
Report Card
Unity-N- Became isolated in the 1430s
Commoners-N- Not allowed in Forbidden City, no power
Thesis: The Ming ruled for 300 years, restoring the Great Wall and revolutionizing sea travel until their isolation in the 1430s. Zheng He's fleet Zheng He's fleet was the largest in the world at the time, with 25,000 men and 60 ships, some of them 300 feet long. The Qing Dynasty Dates: 1644- 1912
Most Famous Ruler: Emperor Kangxi
2 Inventions/ Accomplishments: published encyclopedia with 5, 020 volumes; doubled China's size
Art/ Architectural: made a 240- act play
Illustration on next slide
Problem: They fed nearly a tripled population using nutritious foods found during the Ming dynasty
Report Card
Unity-O- literacy and nutrition grew
Commoners-S- used good system of government; nutritious food
Thesis: The Qing, which lasted until 1912, led a literacy boom and nutritiously fed a tripled population, while doubling China's size. Emperor Kangxi Emperor Kangxi was the second ruler of the Qing dynasty. He ruled for 61 years. He was known as a kind emperor, for, some years, he did not tax the peasents. He was the emperor who got the Qing on track for success. Map of China Key
Yellow Dot = Major Port City
Blue Dot= Major River/ Canal
Green Dot= Major Port City and Capital City
Turquoise Line= River; Brown Line= Canal . Hong Kong . Shanghai . Beijing . Huang He
(Yellow River) . . Chang Jiang
(Yangzi River) . Grand Canal 3 Major Rivers (2 Rivers; 1 Canal): Grand Canal; Huang He; Chang Jiang
Capital City: Beijing
3 Major Port Cities: Shanghai; Hong Kong; Beijing
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